5 Ways Business Can Use Augmented Reality


Things are getting fast and if we do not keep pace with the fast technological changes then we will stay far behind. Have you ever imagined, your favorite cartoon character playing and jumping, right there in front of you? How exciting would that be! And it is possible with the use of Augmented reality in business, playing its role in the IT industry. There is a thin line between Augmented reality vs Virtual reality. It is important to know the difference between the two. 

We will learn almost everything related to this supreme technology as the article goes on. To understand the differences and similarities between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), let us get started.

What is the concept of AR?

The Sensorama brought in the sounds, sense of vibrations, visuals, and sense of smell to the users. This concept gave birth to the augmented reality of today. 

What does Augmented reality mean, can be comprehended from a game. Do you remember Pokémon Go? 

A game launched in the year 2016, which grabbed the attention of the majority. That superimposing of Pokémon on the real world via smartphone screen is an example of Augmented reality.

AR is such a technology that allows people to overlay digital content like images text and sounds over real-life scenes.  AR-related apps rely on smartphones, to make you see the digital world through the screen. AR enhances that view in many ways by:

  • Adding in real-time directions
  • Putting in labels
  • Changing the colors, and of course
  • Superimposing the images

Augmented reality vs virtual reality

How is the concept of Augmented reality segregated from Virtual reality, is evident from these two lined contrasting definitions:

Augmented reality lets you design the digital elements, that appear to you over the real world as a view. The AR has comparatively restricted interactivity between the element and the user.

Whereas, on the other hand, Virtual reality is designed to let you completely immerse in a new digital world, that detaches you from the real world via some wearable devices, like headsets.    

Till now, Virtual reality has grabbed the attention more. 

But the researchers have claimed that in the near future Augmented reality will prove as a more powerful technology to be used.

Furthermore, the distinction between augmented reality vs Virtual reality is elaborated by the abounding use of Augmented reality in the corporate world. Augmented Reality can be widely used in businesses.  

5 ways businesses can use Augmented reality

In order to realize the benefits of Augmented reality’s usage in business, and how this concept adds value to your business, we can categorize it in two broad streams. 

The first one is by making it the part of the product itself and the second by merging it into the value chain to enhance the performance. 

Here, I am adding only 5 of the benefits that Augmented reality can offer to your business. Many more are yet to come.

1. Enhancing the Retail Shops

By aiding with the visionaries and resultantly revolutionizing the business, Augmented reality has already stepped in inside the retailers’ shops.

Providing with the real-life experience of visualizing the things in the real world, many retailers are using this technology to give the actual feel of how any product would look if they will buy. Companies do not require any high-tech setup while using Augmented reality.

Any smartphone or handheld device can be used as an Augmented reality platform, to create a magical shopping environment for the customers. 

By doing so, the customers can choose from the options as per their liking, and then customize according to their will. 

In addition, any online retailer can use this technology to create a virtual shop, that looks identical to the traditional shop. 

Thus, giving the customers to get satisfied before going for the buying process, thereby reducing the chances of returning products.

IKEA, a well-known furniture company, uses this technology to leverage their business by providing firsthand experience to the users to see how the furniture would look-alike in their homes.

2. Human training without hazard

Personnel is a highly valued asset for any company. Technology and every other materialistic thing cannot replace humans. 

Thereby, providing more security and advancement to the companies, the Augmented reality is used for training and simulation. Highly appreciated in the US army, use HoloLens, which is the integrated visual Augmentation system. Through this technology, the business can make their training effective. 

3. Designing and Modeling

The use of Augmented reality, can aid companies to create a visual product, rather than creating costly prototypes. 

Along with this, it provides ease for the clients to compare the products, hence making them quicker to understand the product and make a decision. Augmented reality can alleviate the troubles caused at the later stages of product design and development, by giving a precise view of the product and its function in the beginning.

4. Care and Repair

Highly cherished by automaker companies. Through the use of the Augmented reality, the companies provide their customers with “how-to” information about the repairing and maintenance of their vehicle. 

With the help of videos and 3-dimensional overlaid images, the user can scan the vehicle and get the required information. Even a person, who only knows how to drive and do not has any information to identify and rectify the problems can be a master through Augmented reality technology.

What more future has to offer?

To understand the difference between augmented reality vs virtual reality and what augmented reality has to give to emerging businesses, we need to view the future of Augmented reality. The marvel technology on its own has come way longer than the science illusory concept to more of a science-based reality concept. 

Available to all, and being cost-affected, Augmented reality has made the designer go for options that come in all sizes and shapes, thus will give a new trend to the technology and reshape it in the near future.   


There is no doubt in the fact that AR and VR both have a lot more to give to a human. Adapting and using the enhanced technology has created long-lasting impacts on the living pattern of people. There has been exceptional exponential growth in AR technology. Its use in the business areas will be a marked transformation in the growth of organizations. IT sector is putting a lot of focus on the comparison of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. However, incorporate or business sectors, Augmented reality has set the tone. 

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