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Graphic designing is perceived not to be everyone’s cup of tea. People without a formal degree in design often find coming up with attractive visuals a tough nut to crack. The lack of access to quality design assets, limited creative knowledge, and inability to conceive ideas that have the potential to make an impact leave many individuals and corporate entities around the globe very little choice but to hire someone to do the job for them, which not only increases dependency but is also an additional cost. But all of that is changing, thanks to Canva graphic design software. Now people of all abilities and professional backgrounds can pull off jaw-dropping designs in no time.


Canva is a state-of-the-art design tool for creating fast and attractive graphics for web, social, and print media. The app makes your life a bed of roses, thanks to its pre-built templates that you can utilize straight away. Canva is free to use, however you always have the option to pay for premium plans like Canva Pro & Canva for Enterprise carrying more powerful capabilities. The list of features offered in Canva is so comprehensive, you won’t ever need another tool to produce world-class designs. 

Robust Turnaround For Individual + Enterprise Users 

Choose from an extensive range of professional layouts, pictures, and high-quality material and showcase your creative ideas in the most impactful way possible with Canva graphic design free software.

Create a collaborative environment using Canva Pro with self-service functionalities for branding, community involvement, asset management, and content validation.

Experience the gratification of seeing your creations be loved and appreciated by audiences around the world.

Remain consistent and execute all your projects in line with your brand standards, irrespective of whether you are working alone or as part of a team.


Combine creative input of all team members to form a killer design

Whether your company is a startup or an established corporation, Canva is specifically intended to assist teams to remain aligned with each other seamlessly and produce incredible designs. The platform’s visual communication tool equips businesses of all sizes to implement smooth inter/Intra department coordination and grow quicker, no matter where team members are physically located or what kind of device they use. It is the most effective means of inviting employees to exchange ideas and contribute to one other’s design initiatives in real-time. 

Crack a mammoth design repository and produce Marvelous artwork

Canva enables businesses to produce stunning visual content for use across a variety of marketing channels. Express yourself creatively in all your corporate projects by leveraging over 75 million high-quality premium images, graphics, audio clips, videos, as well as more than 420,000 professionally designed themes. Crafting and publishing visuals single-handedly is a walk in the park, even for those who lack formal design experience.

Organize your flow of work for timely & efficient productions 

It’s never been easier to coordinate on design processes, exchange materials, and archive your works. Canva is the answer to all of your design and organizational needs. Regardless of where you are located on the planet, use the tool to simplify management of visual assets, sorting of design works by the client, categorizing of projects, and ensuring all your collateral is kept in order.


“I love Canva, I have used it for social media for my company, tour packs, and I am now even using it for my dissertation portfolio. It is easy, simple and efficient.” – Paige Canavan-Smith

“Looooooove!! Makes designing everything and anything so much easier and quicker!” – Lauren Schofield

“Perfect for creating my brand logos and Youtube b-roll, artwork, and thumbnails. Very intuitive and easy to use as well.” – S.K.

“I absolutely love them! Canva allows me to make professional-looking FB and Instagram posts. Their templates are invaluable. The number of fonts is almost overwhelming! They add new features often, too. I have recommended Canva to my other similarly non-techie friends.” RF in Louisiana

“I’m using canva pro for more than 2 years and I’m very much satisfied. The cross-platform design options are really great and it is the easiest way to design posts for my social media channels.” – Nizar Shah


Canva is the number of choice of 85% of Fortune 500 companies in the world. From intel and PayPal to Gucci and Baxter, several corporate heavyweights use Canva’s 65M+ strong content library.

Still want to stick to your old-fashioned, costly, and time-consuming methods of creating designs that no one will ever notice? Or do you want to leverage the power of Canva to take care of all your graphic design to produce visuals that the world appreciates and remembers for a long time?

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Luis Espinoza is a passionate graphic designer, entrepreneur, and video editor. He has been working as an all-around graphics geek and “Visual Information Specialist” for the past 10 years. With his career spanning across almost every aspect of the design industry, he has worked from web design to 3D animation, to logo design to photo retouching.

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