Fastly Customer Triggered Software Bug Turns Global Internet Outage


A global internet outage that affected leading websites on a Tuesday has been blamed on a software bug triggered by one Fastly Customer. 

A cloud computing company Fastly which takes responsibility for the issue said the software bug has been triggered when there were some changes made in settings by one of its customers. 

This global internet outage raised questions on having the vast infrastructure of the internet in the hands of few companies. 

Fastly apologized and said the problem should have been anticipated. 

High Profile Websites Outage

After the Fastly customer triggered software bug, results in an internet meltdown that lasted for an hour and hit some high profile websites such as Amazon, Reddit, The Guardian, and New York Times. 

Fastly senior engineering executive Nick Rockwell said: “This outage was broad and severe – and we’re truly sorry for the impact to our customers and everyone who relies on them.”

The company operates servers globally at a strategic point to help customers move and store content close to their end users quickly and safely. 

But a software bug had exposed when the customers made changes in their setting. The bug was already in the software update, shipped to the customer on May 12, causing “85% of our network to return errors”, it said. 

About 40 minutes after the global internet outage, engineers had assessed the cause of the problem, said Fastly. 

“Within 49 minutes, 95% of our network was operating as normal,” it said.

Fastly deployed a bug fix across its network and assured a “post mortem of the processes and practices we followed during this incident” and to “figure out why we didn’t detect the bug during our software quality assurance and testing processes”.

Its networks were fully recovered at 1235 GMT and it began rolling out a permanent software fix at 1725 GMT, Fastly said.

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