Forex Signal | Top 3 Ways to Find The Best Crypto and Forex Signals


Forex Signal and Crypto signal in short are suggestions for entering a trade. Trading signals are triggers to buy or sell assets based on a pre-determined set of criteria. 

Trade signals make use of a variety of inputs from several disciplines. Mainly being Quantitative, Fundamental, Technical analysis, and economics may also be inputs. The final goal of a trade signal is to inform investors and traders on when is the best time to sell or buy certain assets at a specific time.

Forex & Crypto signals are based on several inputs such as Technical patterns, Moving average cross, Volume surge, Interest rates, cycles, etc. 

Forex signals being currency-based or currency pair and Crypto signal is related to buying or selling Cryptocurrency at a particular time and for a specific price. Hence, making it important for a trader to extensively study the trends before taking any action. 

For that very purpose, we have jotted down the best ways for you to find great Forex and Crypto Signals.

1. By Joining Signal Services Provider

There is no doubt that it is better to be safe than sorry.

And for that very purpose, it is recommended for beginners to almost always invest in a good and experienced trading club, and in this case – Crypto and Forex signals providers that equip you with the safety of none to minimum loss while maximizing your chances of winning and making a winning trade.

Best Providers

Signals Blue

Forex signals

Crypto signals Guru


Luxury Crypto Club


4.4 star on trust pilot

4.6 star on trust pilot



3.2 star on trust pilot

Top 5 Best Providers

Above is the list of the top 5 best providers when it comes to Crypto signals. 

  1. Signals Blue
  2. Forex signals
  3. Crypto Signals Guru
  4. 2Moon
  5. LuxuryCryptoClub.

In the list, it is apparent that Signals Blue leads the chart thanks to their inviting and well-presented website, the vast amount of knowledge, precision, and customer support. 

Their signals are frequent and each of them includes:

  • Targets Value
  • Stop-loss Value
  • Crypto Exchange (Where to buy)

Looking at all the advantages we would highly recommend for every beginner or even experienced trader to join one of mentioned above signaling services provers as their benefits are apparent. 

2. Take Advantage of Telegram

Telegram has been around for a while now and the Russian-made app now has more than 200 million monthly active users. It allows you to join trading groups some of which have existed since 2015 with a huge monthly subscriber count of up to 400k plus.

Telegram’s choice as the asylum for crypto trading is largely due to the density of the cryptocurrency trading community on the platform and encryption. 

The platform’s initial appeal to crypto users lies in its safety and privacy. Telegram was originally built for the type of people who do not want the government to have control over their money supply. 

A social platform that allows for such privacy and encryption that even the smartest geeks cannot crack, sounds like an inviting place for crypto enthusiasts and their Bitcoin transactions.

On top of that Telegram allows you to join and connect with traders’ communities, a place for everyone to share the best trade ideas or formerly known as trade signals. It also has the feature of automation in the shape of Trading Bots. Bots make sending automated crypto signal messages relatively simple, a useful trick for crypto news sites or blockchain companies that publish across multiple platforms.

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3. Take Advantage of Free Service Providers

Forex markets are brutal and uncertain. It is natural to doubt a forex signals provider with dependable services if not the best services. To offer these services for free definitely can make you raise your eyebrows.

However, free signal service providers such as Elliot Wave Forecast and Forex Signal have been in the market for several years now and allow beginners to experience and get used to complex trading techniques. 

Elliott Wave Forecast provides its users with 15-20 signals per week and Forex Signal Factory sends out over 15 signals daily, but the results are highly disorganized which is not something to complain about considering you did not have to pay a dime for those results.

So on an ending note, it is important to stay updated and receive Forex or Crypto signals to be able to make profitable decisions and minimize losses. 

If you’d like to learn about Cryptocurrency, read more on Bitcoin here.

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