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Top Free email verification tools in 2021

email verification

Inactive or spam subscribers in your email database gravely affect its quality. Its time to use free email verification tools that examine your email list and use a variety of different analyses to eliminate inactive and spam email addresses.

In this article we will give a comparison of the leading free email verification tools in the market i.e. ZeroBounce and Mailfloss. But before we talk about each tool, let us briefly discuss how email verification actually works.

How Does Email Verification work?

The validity of an email address can be measured through a mixture of validation methods. These methods need to be managed periodically to ensure that the list remains safe. Otherwise, addresses will start becoming invalid.

Some of the popular email verification methods include:

There are two types of email checkers

The first type of email verifier is an online service. It gives you urgent verification results for the email address you have in your list. You need to integrate this API into your website for real-time email verification.

The second type of email verification tool enables you to upload a file and gives you a complete list of email addresses that are active and authentic. These types of email verifiers are helpful for large-scale marketing campaigns where you are targeting thousands of customers at once.

The Top Email Verification Services & Tools

1. ZeroBounce Email Verification Tool

ZeroBounce is a popular free email verification tool and provides high-quality services. It has various verification methods along with many combinations. ZeroBounce checks spam pranks, emails that yield hard bounces, and addresses that mark emails as spam. It also eliminates fake email addresses. The email validation tool allows versatile email verification methods, application programming interface (API), and combinations with popular third-party applications such as Autopilot, Google Sheets, and so on.

Important Features of ZeroBounce


As for trials, ZeroBounce has a Freemium program with a limit of 100 email confirmations per month. One can run a trial by entering a single email address in the homepage verification lists.  The premium plan for this tool starts at $15/month for 2,000 email verifications.

Monthly Offers are also available and you can get a customized package that is suitable for your company/business needs.

2. Mailfloss Mail Verification Tool/service

Mailfloss is a simplistic free email verification tool that combines with a large number of email marketing service providers to check your email list in bulk.

Mailfloss recognizes invalid, truncated, duplicate, and spam email addresses. It also removes addresses with hard bounces and verifies syntax mistakes. All in all, it is an advanced email verification tool designed to analyze the process of cleaning your email list from invalid email addresses.

In Mailfloss, email addresses are checked in real-time when you are using one of their combinations with email providers. And they can fix email addresses for popular email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Important Features of Mailfloss


Mailfloss offers 7 days free trial on all plans and 2 months free on purchasing any annual plan.


Email Verification is a simple concept through which you use a tool/service to ensure your email database stays free from spam, invalid and erroneous email addresses. It can significantly boost your company’s ability to land in the inbox of your clients. ZeroBounce & Mailfloss are the leading email verification tools out there. We’ve given you a round-up of each tool. Based on the details we’ve shared and further research to be done by yourself, you should be able to pick the tool that is best-equipped to serve your needs.

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