Google Claim to Develop ‘Time Crystal’ in Quantum Computer


Time Crystals Quantum Computing: The piece published on ArXiv demonstrated that the led-team of Physician at Google might find a way to simulate time crystals on the company’s quantum computer. 

They structured a continuous family of tunable PHASE gates on an array of superconducting qubits to simulate discrete-time crystal (DTC). The researchers used a chip with 20 qubits (for the demonstration) to serve as the time crystal. 

The researchers claimed that their system could create time crystals which are proved by the provision of experimental evidence. Besides, the tunability in Google’s Quantum computer structure offers a better chance of scalability and paves a way for further study. 

‘Time Crystal’

Google-led team of physicists collaborates with physicists at Stanford, Princeton and other universities claim that they have used Google’s quantum computer to demonstrate a genuine time crystals quantum computing.

A time crystal is an object with components that moves in a loop in order to main this continual change without consuming energy. It also brings some new concepts, uncovers the new category of matter phases, and broadening the concept of what constitutes a phase. 

This research demonstrates that now experts got the confidence to figure out how to extract time crystals from the theoretical abstraction — where it has been for almost a decade. And for the first time, finally, researchers have experimentally demonstrated a time crystal, getting an advantage over the many past attempts in the field. 

“There are good reasons to think that none of those experiments completely succeeded, and a quantum computer like [Google’s] would be particularly well placed to do much better than those earlier experiments,” University of Oxford physicist John Chalker, who wasn’t involved in the research, told Quanta.

We may find ourselves hemmed-in by powerful quantum computers if a new study stands up under expert scrutiny or actually used by someone in a practical way because it can accomplish all we’ve been led to think they can. 

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