Google To Launch Its Own Processor For Pixel Phones


Google Pixel Phone Processor: Search Engine giant is going to ditch Qualcomm processor and is ambitious to develop its own smartphone processor later this fall. Google announced that it would no longer be using Qualcomm processors in its Pixel Phones. 

Google To Develop Processor For its Pixel Phones 

Google will use a processor designed in-house conversely to the Qualcomm technology, that has powered tech devices for more than 15 years. The innovative development in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro would be the Google processor called Tensor, said Google in a blog post. 

This initiative is demonstrating that Google will no longer consider the chips, manufactured by Qualcomm. However, Google will count Qualcomm on existing and future products based on its Snapdragon platform. 

“We will continue to work closely with Google on existing and future products based on Snapdragon platforms,” a Qualcomm spokesperson said in a statement.

The search engine giant Google’s smartphones are expected to launch in October, aimed at powering the pixel phones with a Google tensor processor. 

Apple Inc also initiated the use of its own central processor last year, designed for Macs, in a step away from chipmaker Intel Corp.

Apple took similar steps to Google and ditched the intel, manufactured its own processor.  Alike Apple, Google will use Arm-based architecture to manufacture processors. This is due to the fact that Arm processors are usually lower power and are better known across the industry for mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. 

The shares of the world’s largest wireless chips maker, Qualcomm, went down insignificantly amid afternoon trading. 

Google announced that the upcoming 5a pixel phone would be launched with a Qualcomm processor. 

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