How To Design A Website | Web Designing Tips 2021


You might be wondering why would you design a website to advertise your business! The answer to this simple question is the internet itself. Almost every single individual is lurking to find unique content online. There are hundreds of websites publishing their content every day. From blogs to an e-commerce website, from portfolio to social media webpages, all of these landing pages seem attractive and an example of state-of-art. Website designing may seem horrible at first sight. Well! It’s not, at least now. With loads and loads of platforms available online, you can create and design your website as you like without any hassle. 

Here, in this particular piece of writing, you will go through the thorough guide. This mere 5-minute guide will take you to the pin-points of designing a highly effective and expert-level website. This guide will lead you to how a website can be created. So, here we go! 

Pre-requisites of website designing:

Before the creation or design of any website, there must be some points that you need to keep in mind. These are the pre-requisites of your website and will become the holders of your business in the long run. Web design and development require a few preliminary things to be known. Website layout for instance. It is said that almost 38% of visitors leave the website if they don’t find the appearance of the website attractive. Thereby, when building one for yourself you need to keep the basics in mind. The layout needs to match the idea of your content. In addition to this, the layout must be easy to understand by a layman. 

What is the easiest method of website design?

The most convenient and best way to create a website is when you know how to do it from scratch. Selection of the right tools and systems is what should be your concern when designing a website. Today, creating a fantastic website is as simple as ever, because of the web design services available. Choose one that matches your requirement.

Website designing: 

In this advanced technology era, it is very easy to achieve complex tasks. With the use of high-tech tools and systems, website designing has never been so simple. With the use of professional website designing features, an inclining revenue can be generated, and equally, brand promotion can be done. You can easily design a website on your own without taking any support from web design services or other platforms.  

So, you might wonder how to get started? 

Follow these steps to design a website in no time.

Step 1: Know the purpose of the website and website designing

This may seem a very elementary thing to say. However, it makes sense, that before going for a big complex task, clear your purpose for that particular one. Defining and knowing about all the what’s and how’s of your website designing task will make it easy for you to represent yourself on the webpage.

Making authentic and engaging content for your brand on the website will cling to your targeted clients. If the purpose is clear, then you can easily work only upon the optimization of your landing page. 

Step 2: Do ample research on new trends

Knowing about the latest trends of the website and having the knowledge of what your competitor is doing will help you to build an outstanding website for your brand.

An efficient web design services provider does research on the industry rather than the demographics. Here are some current trends that have become a hot favourite by the majority over the internet.

  • Micro- interaction themes: small animated communication actions that take place when a user engages with a website. Providing with the active touchpoints that are used to make connections with people. For instance, the emojis on social media platforms. These help to get the insight of understanding the reactions people show related to your posts and content.
  • Chatbot support: the stats say that businesses spend about $ 1.3 annually on customer service requests. The chatbot support reduces this amount by 30%.

For many FAQs and basic concerns chatbot is most preferred by the websites. It is a very efficient way to answer the customers facing difficulties since it works 24/7. Thereby, cutting the extra expense of hiring staff for customer services.   improving day by day, these chatbot supports are a better option to be added to the website.

Step 3: Select the platform

A highly professional website design company may charge you a big amount to do the job for you. 

So, to cut down that amount, another way to make things done are through websites builders and e-commerce platforms. Giving you all the necessary information starting from the basic of these DIY tools enables you to create an UpToDate website without any effort to know any code.

Although, what you choose depends upon your requirement. But here I have added in some of the best options for your website designing task. 

Step 4: WordPress

Top on the choice and used by the majority is WordPress. A self-hosted, open-source CMS, WordPress gives you total control of the website and technically free to use. To work with this tool, you need to have web hosting, security, a domain name, and some additional plugins and themes.

Let’s take a look at some other online website tools:

  • Other website builders: for the non-tech whiz, the website builders are good options. Filtered out from the research, the following are the top most web design services and tools:
  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Weebly
  • Choose a theme: a theme or a template represents the layout of your website. Many pre-filled templates are available as an example. The templates are categorized as per industry. Thereby making it even easier for you to find one that suits your requirement. Having built-in features saves time and extra effort. A template with highlighting information is more favorable for the customers. Researchers say that majority of people do not read the information but skim for the information they want. So best practice is to create a page that has related basic information on one page.

Step 5: The actual design

It is now the time to start your website designing. Before designing the website, you have a preconceived notion about the appearance of your website. The overall setting should relate to and match the brand. From color scheme to the font type and size, everything should be intact and engaging to the brand. A narrative style of talking about your product is the preferred one among the customers. The basics of the website like the color scheme, images, and font style can be the signature of your brand. And ultimately brand’s recognition. Relevant infographics also help to leverage the brand message. 

Step 6: Add-ins for the betterment

To optimize your website and position better, you now need to see what content sits best on each page along with the overall layout. Optimization helps your webpage to rank better on the search engines.

Step 7: Ready to publish

Before publishing the website, have an overview of what has been done. Experts say that, before going live ask the people whom you know like friends, colleagues to have a site preview. This pilot-testing will help you to further polish and improve your website. Things like links working properly, readable content, website appearance and loading speed are noteworthy to get checked before the actual launch.

Even though it takes a significant amount of time to properly check the website. But it is better than sending the website full with flaws, live. After a god green signal goes live and show your services to the world.

Step 8: Leave room for improvements

Always be ready to do analysis and thus improving your website. The comments and self-analysis will help you to show what people want to see. The good news is that many platforms have their built-in analytics, if not many apps are available to do so.

Analysis like page views, bounce rate, time spent on the website, and conversion rate should be taken care of. These stats are regular and of utmost importance to be considered for the better ranking of your website.


Conclusively, websites play a very important role in the improvements and presentation of businesses. The majority of businesses create lively and interactive websites with amazing eye-catching visuals. Creating a highly responsive and attractive website isn’t child’s play. For a website to be effective and equally efficient, requires many essentials merged together as well as a well-written engaging content to the presentation code. For a website to stand out, it should perfectly fit in all the shapes, that are required to create the best website. Web design services are one of the best tools to create the website without much hassle. So, grab the opportunity and make the most of it!

Thanks For Reading

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Luis Espinoza is a passionate graphic designer, entrepreneur, and video editor. He has been working as an all-around graphics geek and “Visual Information Specialist” for the past 10 years. With his career spanning across almost every aspect of the design industry, he has worked from web design to 3D animation, to logo design to photo retouching.

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