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Have you ever thought of your dream job? Well!! If you ask people, they would probably say, a high-level position in a well-reputed company with a 6 figure pay. There is such a job, that does not make you an employee, but promises, to give you a 6 figure, and it can be possible if you make money freelancing. Curious?!!!!

I have written an answer to all of your queries related to freelancing. How to make money freelancing, and what are the ways with which you can achieve that 6 figures. So, read till the end and start a freelance business today. 

How Do I Start Freelancing?

 In order to begin as a Freelancer, you should first know who is a freelancer. A freelancer is the one who is not bound by the working hours, rather he only needs to meet the deadlines and complete the project within time. To know how to make money freelancing, it is important to keep in mind that like all types of jobs, freelancing also requires hard work.  This is not overnight magic. To reach that top level of freelancing you need to dedicatedly serve for 6-8 months. In this period, you work to build your repertoire in the field of freelancing.

This requires patience. 

Taking the first step and being thoughtful about how to start a freelance business is natural. Here is a brief guide for you to help you out from the beginning till you start to earn.

How To Make Freelance Money – Steps:

1. Pick a niche

It is said, jack of all, master of none. Well, this is true I believe as far as freelancing is concerned. In the beginning, you might feel you can conquer the world of freelancing. However, the actual true progressive process of make money freelancing needs you to be concentrated in one direction, rather than trying your hands on every next field. 

As you work deeper in this field you will realize that, working on one niche or area, helps you to think strategically about that, and that you can ace that in no time. Choose a niche very wisely. Look for experienced people who work. Not necessarily to follow the same niche, but consulting works. Make a list of your workable niches. Then choose the right one for you. If you choose the right niche from the foundation, then later you will need to put in just a small effort in it to brand yourself as an expert in that niche. And trust me this will pay off. 

2. Have a clearer perception of your services

After selecting the niche, the next step is to offer your services to the masses. Sought yourself cleverly. Do not be an airhead, in providing all the services since you can’t. Make a clear list of dos and don’ts for your service. In the beginning, short-termed projects are beneficial if you make money freelancing. One at a time will help you not to get distracted and delayed.

3. A clear definition of your clients

It is vital to have a clearer view of what your clients must be like. Make it clear for yourself and the market, what type of people and services you cater. Building a clear distinction about who you are and what is the type of services you offer, will help you to target your market. 

Define who your ideal clients should be and how you can find them, ask the following questions from yourself: 

  • What type of business and services I am catering for?
  • What are the demographic trends, that match my services?
  • Who will be my targeted clients?

By doing this level of work, will narrow down and further refine your niche. Also, this will help to instantly find the pertinent clients.

4. Build a portfolio

You cannot say everything to everyone. The thing that promotes and projects you to the outer world is an amazing portfolio. Here, you can demonstrate all the technical skills as a new freelancer. What to add?

  • Display your expertise.
  • All the relevant experiences.
  • Your statement of interest in that field.
  • All the necessary contact info, with which the clients can easily find you.

Do not worry if you do not have enough of the experience. There are plenty of tutorials and websites, that can help you start a freelance business and add up to your knowledge. Use them. 

The basic aim behind creating a portfolio is to give the client a clear picture of who you are and how you are the best pick for their task. This further convinces them to choose you without a second thought. 

5. Start freelance business today

Freelancing is not an all-nighter job. To understand how to make money freelancing, the best idea is to work along with your current job. Why?

It is advised that if you have a 9-5 job, and you are very keen to start with freelancing, don’t leave it at once. The reason is that it adds up to your portfolio that requires ample time. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the source of income. Once you see that you are all set to start as a freelancer, next will be your wise decision. Meanwhile, managing multitasking will also help you to understand how you can manage the time to fulfill your client’s requirements. And how it is to run your own business. On the other hand, like I said, building up a freelancing empire requires time. Be a happy freelancer, not the discerned one.

6. Upgrade your skills

Do not stick yourself in a hole. Teach yourself high-demanding skills. Providing exemplary work to the clients need you to distinguish yourself as a potential one in the pool. Remember, this is the way to answer how much does a freelancer earn. It all depends upon the newness and skilled expertise. Join online classes, pick small and new projects. Don’t be an average Joe.

7. Integrity is all

Building credibility within your industry is very crucial. There are many ways to do so. Writing high-quality content and joining with some influencers, for instance. Other than that, writing e-books, creating online crash courses can help to increase your visibility. These will work as boosters to add up to your portfolio and additional knowledge for your clients.

8. Know the price of your services

When you decide how much do you want to charge for the services you offer, think about both sides of the coin. Give reasonable rates to the clients as well as on the other hand charge the amount that is enough for you to sustain a comfortable life. Because some clients do not hesitate to pay the higher rates in the first go. This is good for your impression, also allows you to sell your services at higher rates (with high-quality work of course). Do not excite your clients with a minimum price rate. This will later affect your influence in the market.

9. Enhance your network and pitch-perfectly

In order to make money freelancing, you should know how to leverage your network to the existing ones. Use the existing connections to build new ones. Introducing yourself to the companies is a great way to commune to new options. Reach out to your friends and colleagues to endorse you as a recommendation. 

Once you get a wide network, pitching in your services to them requires art to succeed. Give your clients the authentic reason why they should land on your page. In the world of freelancing, the amount of your achievement depends upon the strength of the relationship between you and your clients. A better pitch will create a better understanding and that will forge a meaningful relationship.

10. Outreach

The ultimate purpose of this is to showcase yourself to the world of freelancing. Writing blogs and doing guest posting frequently for instance will increase the chance of your visibility. The majority of the clients will discover you through these types of websites. Link yourself in various publications. Remember this opens the door of opportunities in the potential market for your work.


Freelancing is a great way to earn a decent amount. How to make money freelancing, depends upon you to decide and design the schedule of your free will. Choosing the tasks and their level is your choice if you start a freelance business. Use the strategies in the above-mentioned section to make money in a good fashion. So don’t wait, start doing freelancing today.  

Thanks for reading

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