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Improve Your Article SEO: After you have put your ideas and thoughts on paper, review them before publishing because any mistake can happen. That’s natural. You should always check the quality of writing and carefully analyze it before publishing.

If you are looking for some analyzer, then I do recommend SEO Writing Assistant because it analyses your top 10 competitors in Google search for a target keyword, checks a piece of copy’s SEO potential, reading ease, tone of voice consistency, originality, and gives you actionable recommendations on how to improve it.

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Optimize Your Content Using SEMrush SEO Content Template 

There must be two things in your content if you want your reader to read and take action on. SEO friendly content and its optimization. If you create an SEO friendly content from scratch then you will get a lot more time for optimization later. If you want to see your page on the top of the Google SERP page then focus on optimization is a must.

Before writing your piece of content, you should analyze your top competition, and conduct keyword & LSI keyword research. With this data, your goal is to outrank your rivals on the SERPs for target keywords and eventually attract organic traffic to your website. 

If you want to do SEO on your own with a few skills, then you should manage the groups of copywriters and freelancers if they have a weak grip on SEO. In other situations, if you don’t have enough time to spend on SEO, then I do recommend an SEO content template that will ease your briefing process. Consider the tool’s actionable recommendations to optimize your content that will more likely have a good ranking. 

Save your time: data is collected automatically and is presented on a single page, you don’t have to collect it from different sources.

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How you can do it? Article SEO

  • First of all, put a group of keywords in the SEO content template and then select your location and device type.  
  • Make a list of top 10 rivals ranking and analyze their behavior that how they use target keywords in their articles. Then go to “Show more” to see their pages that rank in the top 10 – keywords are highlighted in red.
Article SEO

  • Add related keywords, readability, word count, video usage, page title, H1 and text.
Improve Article SEO
  • For your target keywords, get a list of domains in order to acquire backlinks.  
Next Steps

When you export an SEO Content Template for your future copy, send it to your writer or use it yourself to create an SEO-optimized page step by step. Use the recommendations from the tool the following way:

  • You must add focus keywords to your title, meta-description, H1, and at least once to the text itself as the tool suggests.
  • Then analyze the behavior of your competitors that how they use your target keywords, what headlines they use, how often and where they use your target keywords, and see their page’s overall structure.
  • Add the related focus keywords in your writing sections (e.g. H2, H3) and add a few sentences bearing these words. 
  • To check your readability score you must use SEO Writing Assistant. The higher score is, the more simple your text will be. While the lower score is, the more difficult your text will be.
  • Get backlinks from the domains so that when you published the copy, reach out to them and convince them to add a link to your page.
  • You should make your text as long as the suggested word count.  
  • Make your title and meta-description as long as the tool suggests.

When your article is ready to publish then check how much SEO-friendly your writing is by using SEO Writing Assistant to see how you comply with all the above recommendations in your Google doc, WordPress account, or SEMrush interface.

How can this be done?

  • First, install the SEO Writing Assistant add-on to your Google Docs using G Suite Marketplace.
  • You can also add it as a WordPress plugin or access the tool directly in the SEMrush interface.
  • Next, run the add-on, enter your target keyword(s) and click on the ‘Get recommendations’ button.
  • Check your copy’s overall score. The score is a real-time metric, which is based on all the copy’s characteristics tracked by the add-on.
  • Get tips on improving your copy’s quality.
Article SEO

Improve Your Article SEO

The recommendations allow you to improve your content in terms of:

  • SEO: enrich your text with semantically related keywords, make sure you don’t overuse your keywords, take care of alt attributes, and ensure your links are not broken.
  • Readability: adjust your copy’s readability to readers’ expectations, get recommendations on word count, optimize your title, and make sure your text is easy to read.
  • Originality: check the total percentage of copied sentences in your text and identify original sources of content from across the internet.
  • Tone of voice consistency: detect the most casual and most formal sentences that stand out from the overall text and make your text consistent.

Next Steps   

  • Using SEO Writing Assistant, you can see how well your article complies with recommendations based on analysis of your top search rivals, and optimize your content faster and easier: 
  • Learn exactly how you can improve your article’s quality by analyzing different types of metrics and by following the tool’s recommendations
  • Assess your copywriter’s or freelancer’s work in a few clicks (if the article’s score is low, ask them to rewrite it by following the SEO Writing Assistant recommendations). 
  • Get useful tips on how to optimize your copy for your target keywords to generate more organic traffic and to attract your target audience.
  • Fine-tune your copy’s readability according to your reader’s expectations to keep their attention (make sure that your readability score matches the article’s type and your target audience profile).
  • Maintain your brand’s tone of voice in each content piece to make all your brand communication consistent (try to rewrite sentences that stand out from the overall tone of voice of your copy).
  • Make sure the content you publish is fully original in order not to get penalized by Google (use the Plagiarism checker to identify copied sentences in your article and rewrite them).
  • Once you’ve finished improving your article SEO it’s now time to publish it.
  • Once published, the following steps will utilize the Post Tracking tool to check ranking status quickly for articles published on your blog or a third-party website:
  • Go to Post Tracking and enter your URL.
  • Click on ‘Keywords’ and type up to 5 target keywords (which you’ve already set up in your SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant).
  • Click on the URL to check your visibility trend for keywords, shares, and backlink trends.

If your article has poor visibility after a few weeks for your target keywords, consider replacing them with long-tail keywords or vice versa – with high volume keywords. Another strategy is to check the top 10 rivals for your target keywords and create similarly structured articles, expanding some parts of them. 


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