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If you are an owner of a digital platform then you must have a common concern, which is how to monetize your website. You might look for different ways to generate traffic to the website. With the surging number of publications, every day on the internet this has become a business question itself. 

To generate substantial revenue from a website, you need to have a good amount of traffic. Remember the quality of traffic also weighs equally as the quantity. 

How you can achieve this?

Do not worry. Here I have a benefit able solution on, how to double the traffic monetization of your website with the best software program. So, read till the end to earn more.

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is basically a Google’s verified platform like Google AdSense. Peoples are using Ezoic to increase their AdSense revenue up to 50% To make it easier for you to understand what Ezoic is. Take it as your assistant. 

If you place ads, but they aren’t optimum to give you a significant amount of money. So, how can you utilize the ads to generate high revenue? Here is where your assistant Ezoic will help you out. Ezoic does three things for you:

  • It tells you where to exactly put your ads.
  • What display sizes are the best combination to be used?
  • And with what advertisers to work in a network to do traffic monetization at the peak from your blog or website. 

Amazing, isn’t it?

For all of your new or older websites, Ezoic helps to instantly make more money from them. With the facility of providing, the best blend of test ad placements, sizes, and publishers, Ezoic brings in at least 50% of the increase in your revenue.  The working behind the Ezoic improved and enhanced experience is the use of artificial intelligence. 

It uses artificial intelligence to understand visitor’s behavior. Ezoic provides a setup of assistance to your website and looks after the optimization and maintenance of the ads running on your website. 

Thus, providing benefit to the publisher to give more time to the content of the ad, rather than worrying about its placements and optimizing to increase ad revenue.   

Is Ezoic the best alternative to generate ad revenue?

To generate Ezoic ad revenue, this is indeed one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. By taking advantage of the artificial intelligence, for testing and optimization of the ads, Ezoic can be the finest option to jump from AdSense, if the only concern is to generate revenue. As far as, earnings are concerned Ezoic performs well then its counterpart. Since it runs the best performing ads on your site. Also, Ezoic pays per view. Thus, you will earn the amount merely from displaying ads.   

How is Ezoic better than AdSense | Difference between Ezoic vs AdSense?

To comprehend what is the difference between Ezoic vs AdSense. Here are some resemblance observations for you:


  • Free to join in.  But you need 10,000 monthly visitors on your website.
  • Whereas this information is not present in Ezoic.
  • The payment period is one month. But requires you to reach at $20 threshold.
  • Verified by Google.
  • Ezoic will check through biding and if finds it profitable will pay $1.50.
  • Gives the control of all the ads displayed.
  • Works to improve the loading speed of the website, by using the caching and Cloudflare apps.
  • Ezoic gives a warning about any suspicious activity. The decision is taken, depending upon the response that you will give.

Google AdSense

  • Free to join in.
  • Google ads sense displays all the necessary descriptions like CPC, CTR, and number of clicks on each ad.
  • The payment period is one month. And requires $100 as the threshold.
  • Verified by Google.
  • Google AdSense pays the publisher a dollar for showing any banner.
  • Do not give control of the Ads, that are displayed.
  • Google AdSense reduces the speed of the website, particularly when using auto ads.
  • Google AdSense may cease your account without any prior intimation.

How does Ezoic work to monetize the website?

To respond to the concern of how to monetize your website by using Ezoic and to understand how it works. It is noteworthy that, Ezoic uses machine learning through artificial intelligence.

This makes it capable to understand the visitor’s behavior. In doing so, it collects all the essential information and data, and thereby systematize the decisions. That will further improve the overall SEO, better user experience, and hance website earnings.

What are Ezoic’s eligibility requirements?

There are no specific admissibility or eligibility requirements for Ezoic. To get a traffic monetization facility from Ezoic, these are a few basic requirements to fulfill:

  1. An average of 10,000 visitors per month.
  2. Stick to Google Ad policy.
  3. All the provided content should be authentic.
  4. Track record of identifiable traffic.
  5. If you already possess a Google AdSense account, it should be in a good position with Google. 

These are the only requirements and selection criteria on Ezoic, no other special rationale is needed to get approved on Ezoic.  You can work with both methods, without any trouble. 

Ezoic connects with your Google AdSense through a Mediation app. With the help of this app, Ezoic will display your AdSense ads on your behalf. This happens when your ads win bids over other ads, from other ad networks.


If I were to decide on what to choose from Ezoic and Google AdSense, I would prefer to go with Ezoic. For all those who need maximum out-of-traffic monetization and are worried about how to monetize your website, there can be none other better option other than Ezoic. Since, all the good things take time, working with Ezoic would unquestionably be an easing experience.

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