Microsoft Redesign Paint For Windows 11, dark Mode, UI, etc


After the innovative modifications in the snipping tool, windows calculator, Mail, and Calendar app now we are seeing redesigns in MS paint for Windows 11. The most popular and everyone’s favorite classic MS paint tool is being modified to make it look similar to the new apps of Windows 11. 

Earlier in 2017, Microsoft made an announcement that Paint would be no more in the future and give way to the fancy new 3D paint app. Later, the company declared the continuation of 36 years old MS paint for Windows 10 and it was last updated in 2019 with new accessibility features. 

Paint has been constant in every big Windows release, thanks to the mockups and teasers posted on Unsplash and social media platforms, now it seems that paint is getting a better look and a big upgrade with Windows 11 version 21H2

MS paint Windows 11

MS Paint will be getting a new menu header just like Windows File Explorer called “command bar” that will replace the traditional ribbon-style menu. As seen in the image below and above, the paint looks more modern and optimized for touch-based devices. 

MS paint

MS Paint has been redesigned with news icons, rounded corners, support for windows 11’s new dark theme, and redesigned context menu. In the upgraded version of paint, you’ll be able to change MS paint’s theme directly from Windows 11’s setting app. 

MS paint online

In addition to this, Microsoft also brings some modifications in the control for both tablets and desktop users. For example, you can click on the “A” to insert text directly onto your picture and change the alignment or font style from the new dropdown menu.

MS paint Windows 11

Besides, you can still resize and crop an image and similarly “Select” tools (star, rectangle, etc), Eraser, Fill Tool, Pick Color, Pencil, and Brush, Airbrush, and more. Microsoft also introducing a new way to choose brush types, and it has been optimized for touch-based users. 

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