Microsoft Unveils Windows 365, a subscription cloud PC


Microsoft Windows 365: On Wednesday, Microsoft aims to offer its Windows operating system as a cloud-based service to make access easier to businesses that need Windows from a broader range of devices. 

Microsoft announced a new cloud-based version of the operating system ‘ Microsoft Windows 365’ which lets users stream a Windows device from anywhere. 

This new innovation work simultaneously to the gaming stream where user can do computing in a data center somewhere remotely and streamed to a device. That means users can stream a full Windows desktop PC on all sorts of devices including tablets or Apple Macs. 

The emergence of the cloud-based version was on account of the feedback received from clients who wanted that employees and students can have easier PC access regardless of physical location. 

“We define that shift to hybrid work as really being flexible in how, when, and where you work. That’s really the pattern that we’re seeing develop all across the world as people are starting to experiment,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365 software.

This cloud computing service is similar to so-called “virtual” and “remote” desktops which are already in existence for decades but require the IT department to set up and manage. Based on how long the desktop has been used it can cost unpredictable. 

It is expected that this cloud-based service will help small business owners or smaller schools to manage predictable monthly bills based on the size of each virtual computer without even relying on a large IT department. 

This innovative move will empower Microsoft to defend its dominant market share contrary to operating systems from Apple Inc and Alphabet’s Google

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