NASA’s Mars helicopter ingenuity Aces 7th Flight on Mars


NASA’s Mars helicopter ingenuity made its way to another new field. Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has seven Red planets flights under its belt so far. 

nasa's mars helicopter ingenuity

The ingenuity helicopter weighed 4-lb. (1.8 kilograms) took to the martian skies again on Sunday, making its first flight, since encountering an in-flight anomaly on May 22. And this time Nasa’s Mars helicopter ingenuity didn’t face any hurdle and aces seventh flight on the Red Planet. 

On Tuesday evening, Nasa’s jet propulsion (JPL) which manages ingenuity’s mission tweets, “From a helicopter team member: no anomalies in flight 7, ingenuity is healthy!’.

Nasa’s Mars helicopter took off in Martian Skies around 12:34 on Tuesday according to mean solar time which is quadrat to 11:54 a.m. EDT (1554 GMT). Then as planned, ingenuity helicopter covered 348 feet (106 meters) to the south from its previous location on the floor of Mars Jezero Carter, staying up in the air for 63 seconds, JPL said. At a new airfield, solar-powered rotorcraft set down. On Feb 18, after landing on the Red planet with Nasa’s perseverance it has reached the fourth one so far. 

ingenuity mission management tweet

On April 13, the launch pad of the ingenuity helicopter was the perseverance’s belly. The milestone clock began to tick the helicopter 30-day flight campaign aimed to show that powered, controlled flight is possible in the thin air of Mars. 

During technology demonstrating flight, the Mars helicopter performed five flights and then embarked on an extended mission. It aims to showcase the scouting potential of Martian rotorcraft. 

The May 22 venture of ingenuity helicopter first flight in Martian Skies did not work soundly: Nasa’s Mars helicopter ingenuity encountered a glitch that caused the disruption in the flow of photos from its navigation camera to its onboard computer. However, the ingenuity helicopter powered the problem, and successfully managed to reach its intended destination. 

Perseverance captured video and sometimes audio of first five flights of ingenuity helicopter. But the car size rover ceases its documentarian role and kept a complete focus on hunting the signs of Mars’s ancient life and acquiring samples for future return to Earth. 

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