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To perform SEO on an older site, which already has a lot of backlinks, is a walk in the park. The cost of sponsored ads for your site, after you have established yourself, becomes affordable. But how to boost your web traffic over your newly launched website without really breaking the bank? In this post, we will explain the quickest and most cost effective methods that you can employ to bring traffic to a new website.

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  1. Collaboration
  2. Blogging on external websites as a guest author
  3. Push notification
  4. Leaving comments on other peoples’ blog posts
  5. Paid advertising
  6. Freebies, incentivized content & special deals

1. Collaborations 

One of the key things you may do to ramp up traffic on your newly launched website is collaborating with other content producers. You may jointly conduct a webinar or a podcast with someone who is viewed as a prominent name within your niche. When you team up with other content producers, they will help you market your work, while you in turn will help them promote theirs. In case you currently have no web traffic, you can start by interviewing experts and making roundup posts. This is really useful because people are always pleased to be interviewed.

To be featured in a roundup piece is something most individuals would always be up for. Once the content they’ve featured in goes live, these experts will share it on their social network, which in turn will boost your website visitor count. You may come across situations where you might have to request experts to share the content they have featured in. If you do so, you will most likely to be responded in the affirmative.

2. Blogging on external websites as a guest author

Contact famous guest bloggers on different sites, offer them feedback on their work and develop a relationship with them. Keep sending them useful subject ideas and your input on how they can make their content piece more appealing. Once you’ve built a strong enough rapport with them, request them to recommend you to the website’s editor as a potential guest blogger. Your chances of being accepted would be much higher this way, since you would be referred by someone who already writes for the site. Once you are accepted, link your guest posts to your site after you’ve no followed the link.

By no following an external content piece linked to your site, you’re making sure you are not using the activity for link building purposes or to bluff search engines. What you bring is 100% genuine referral traffic to a new website of yours.

3. Push notifications 

Push notifications are the easiest method to get traffic regularly. A person visiting your site once is likely not to come back again. The cohort study in Google Analytics reveals how frequently customers return to your website. You should consider yourself fortunate even if 1% of your audience decides to come back to your site in three months from the time they first visited it.

Introducing push notifications on your site will allow users to start getting the latest updates from you. Visitors don’t have to share their contact info or fill out lengthy forms. It’s basically a single-click sign up. Every time your website releases new content or has a special announcement, you can roll out a push notification and bring signed up users back to your website in a jiffy. The whole idea is simple, fast, and super effective to bring traffic to a new website. 

4. Leaving comments on other peoples’ blog posts

Commenting at length on other blogs within your business is a great idea. When you provide thoughtful feedback, people learn more about you, your opinion gets noticed and the world starts viewing you as a subject matter expert. Your website URL in your comments would often be clicked upon by users, which in turn would result in a major traffic spike for you. A lot of website owners have used this strategy to boost web visibility, which is why you should give it a try too.

5. Paid advertising 

Your next goal should be sponsored advertisements to boost your web traffic. Even if you don’t have a hefty budget, you can still accomplish this. In many instances, you may get $50 or $100 from Google AdWords that you can spend on ads. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for similar deals as they may be used to get initial traction and help you drive traffic to your website fast. It is true that since you won’t have enough time to execute effective ads, visitors coming in from these campaigns may not become customers. But it is still a promising beginning. Have a go at it.

As time goes on, you will successfully start landing sales. That’s when you may consider expanding your paid ad activities.

6. Freebies, incentivized content & special deals

Extend your online presence by developing relations with other websites in your niche. Offer them something that’s valuable to your audience and they’ll spread the word. When they do, you’ll get extra traffic to a brand new website that you have built. A lot of online businesses/websites smartly use massive giveaways like cash and phones as a means of audience building. Since people love freebies, they tell others about it, as a result of which you receive plenty of new visitors that you can continually leverage. You should make sure to acquire email addresses whenever you offer freebies to users. Doing so will help you form a list of people who you can send emails to regarding newly produced content, updates on freshly added features, or latest promotional offers.


We hope this article helped you learn a thing or two about how to bring traffic to a new website you have just launched. It is highly recommended that you put all the aforementioned methods to practice, as all of them carry the tremendous potential to bring traffic to your website. As long as you execute them right, you should be able to see fantastic results in no time. In order to access more useful content about promoting your business online, visit our website. For professional digital marketing services, click here.


Smith Mathew is a copy editor for SG-educate and writes for the marketing section. He’s a former digital marketing and SEO expert specialized in lead generation, Marketing outreach, Social media accounts management, copy-writing services, and Email marketing through lead generation.

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