Russian Watchdog warns to slow down Google over ‘banned content’


Russian Watchdog has threatened Google to slow down its speed if it fails to remove what it calls “unlawful content”

Roscomanadzor has given Google a 24-hour deadline to delete videos it calls illegal, related to drugs, violence and extremism.

Google – which owns YouTube – may have to pay a fine of between 800,000 and 4 million roubles (£7,700 – £38,000) by the service. 

The tech firm approached them for comment. 

According to a report, Roskomnadzor has sent Google more than 26,000 notices to delete the content that they called “illegal information,” said watchdog in a statement. 

They also blamed Google for restricting the access of YouTube to Russian media outlets, along with RT and sputnik, and supporting “illegal protest activity.”

Flow Of Internet traffic

In case, if Google doesn’t act according to the call, the Russian watchdog said it could slow down internet speed and make it difficult for users to access Google in Russia. 

In March, the state has already exercised these powers, and restrict the users to access Twitter after Roskomnadzor said it failed to remove around 3,000 posts. 

In Russia, internet service providers can cause blockage in the data flow to the websites, making connections slower while accessing certain pages. 

Content On YouTube

Google is currently filing suit against Roskomnadzor over demands that it removes content, according to court documents. 

The facts involve twelve YouTube videos encouraging minors to become a part of unsanctioned protests – free Alexei Navalny, in January for supporting the jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

There are more than 6.5 million subscribers on Mr. Navalnys’ YouTube channel and posts the videos regularly, voicing his opposition to President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. 

A hearing has been scheduled for 14 July.

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