VPS Vs Cloud Hosting | Which One is better?


VPS vs Cloud Hosting

VPS vs Cloud Hosting is an interesting topic of discussion. Some folks think that hosting a website is not that easy, however, they prefer to host their website from another server. They use the services of hosting service providers, but little did they know that hosting a website on your own with the full control of manageability is even better. Keep reading to find out the genius tools able to do this task efficiently.

In hosting your website on your own you have two types of efficient hosting.

VPS hosting Like Contabo

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is one of the most acclaimed and popular technology in web hosting. In VPS hosting, you can host your website on your own, and you’ll have a server in your hands. Contabo, these days is among the high level hosting options.  

Cloud hosting like Digital ocean

Cloud hosting is not like traditional hosting, it makes accessible applications and websites using cloud resources. Unlike others, the solution is not only deployed on a single server but a connected network of virtual and physical servers host the websites and applications with greater flexibility and scalability.

Core Difference Between VPS vs Cloud hosting

To understand the differences, you need to understand them individually.

What is cloud hosting?

To gross simplify, cloud hosting is like a configuration in which multiple machines are connected in one network and act as a single platform. In order to create an efficient hosting environment on the cloud, there are variety of ways you can get advantage from. You can get all the advantages of cloud technologies and simple shared hosting services in cloud hosting services. The main benefit of cloud hosting is that you can have the possibility of scaling the RAM and CPU resources. Cloud hosting is partially dependent upon the CPU power and partially on the RAM. Sometimes due to some reason, a disk failure occurs so, use the cloud hosting services to maintain and protect everything on the disk. Cloud hosting environment makes load balancing easy.

If your website is not going slow then you’ll soon realize that shared hosting is not enough for you. With that in mind, I am here to guide you to scale up your website through cloud hosting. Through this, you can take care of all the technical stuff and get dedicated resources.

Why to use cloud hosting

  • The key advantage of cloud hosting is its scalability.
  • Better performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security
  • Downtime
  • Accessibility
Now let us understand what VPS hosting is.

Let us make it simpler, VPS hosting is the set of shared and dedicated hosting. In which, branches of various compartments are extracted from a single server with the sections of the software. These types of sections are also known as Hypervisor because it allows one host computer to host several guests at a time by sharing its resources. The sections in Hypervisor work as autonomous.

The resources shared by these compartments like server space, bandwidth, operating system, etc. amongst themselves in the VPS server. In contrast to Cloud hosting, VPS compartments don’t have to face the consequences of the over usage of the server done by other compartments. So, that’s why they will not get affected by the failure of any of the servers.

Hope, now you have better understood these two hosting variants. Now let’s move on and understand the difference between cloud and VPS hosting in detail.

Why to use VPS hosting

You should prefer VPS hosting because it is completely scalable. if you change your mind and want to grow your business in the future then VPS can help you to grow your business

  • Get full control
  • Reliable Uptime. …
  • Very Secure. …
  • It Won’t Break the Bank
  • It Suits Many Scenarios

Difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting

Performance factor

The biggest factor in the comparison of any of two things is its performance. So, we’ll start with the performance factor of both hosting services. Cloud hosting is well known for its better uptimes, higher availability, and loading speed. While in contrast, VPS hosting offers a fixed level of performances and resources dedicated to individual compartments. These VPS compartments are also known as a virtual server.  

Backup plan 

In the setup of cloud hosting, there are multiple servers interlinked with each other. They have the capacity to store a copy of your data, so if the disk failed due to any reason or any other server fails. , you’ll immediately get the backup plan. Then the server will instantly migrate the data of the failed server without any downtime. In one line, cloud hosting has no failures. 

While in VPS hosting, there is a partition of servers with the help of hypervisors enabling the website to perform correctly without any requirements. Let’s compare the same situation that can be happened. If the failure of the disk happened due to some unknown reason, it will lead to the disunion in the functioning. So, you have to bear the brunt of the failure of a virtual server on the machines. Moreover, if the demands on the servers increases that are working on the same physical server, it can affect the performances of both servers that are affected.


In cloud hosting, you can install various applications with the help of cPanel with the proper setup. But despite, you’ll have less control over the web or application hosting when dealing with the distribution of functions among various servers.

While in the case of VPS, the functioning is the same, and the user will get full root access with full control of the system, i.e., the website and the software. In VPS, you can do customization and configuration as you like, but it will run only one OS. So, there are limitations in the choice of the operating system, which depends upon the provider.

Hosting companies for VPS and Cloud hosting

Contabo for VPS hosting

Many companies are provisioning the hosting services, but I do recommend Contabo, the best web host in the competitive environment. It has a different name in web hosting services and has a well-earned reputation in web hosting. Contabo is providing the best possible solutions for VPS and shared hosting within the affordable range.  

Benefits/Advantages of Contabo

The main benefits offered by Contabo are:

  • Competitive costs
  • Excellent technical support 365 days a year
  • Numerous online tutorials
  • Free SSL certificate with all plans
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Self-installable applications.
  • 100% server availability
  • Access to multi-sites like WordPress

Plans of Contabo

The shared hosting plan “WebSpace Package” of Contabo can cost you 2.99 to 9.99 euros per month for the complete plan. VPS server plans have a cost ranges between 3.99 euros per month up to 26.99 euros per month, depending on the benefits contracted. Dedicated server plans range from 49.99 euros per month to 109.99 euros per month.

You can also get a free trial from Contabo. For this, log in to Contabo and get a free trial for one month.

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Digital Ocean for Cloud hosting

If you want to get the cloud services, then Digital Ocean can help you to deploy and scale applications running simultaneously on multiple computers. Because the digital ocean is well known for its cloud hosting services and its good manageability, and its well backup plans.

Benefits/Advantages of Digital Ocean

The main advantages of Digital Ocean are:

  • Allows you to create multiple servers
  • Offers great performing servers
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides support of various operating systems
  • Great tool for tech-savvy start-ups
  • User-friendly management interface
  • Pricing is very affordable and scalable
  • Offers well documented FAQ and tutorials

Plans of Digital Ocean

In the starting, you can get more CPU virtual cores at $40, and you can get 192GB of RAM, 32 cores, and 3840GB of storage.

You can also get free credit by using its promo code if you’re a new customer. After registration, go to billing in setting and enter the code in the field to get a minimum of $10 for free. You can use this amount for two months with the $5/month plan – 1GB of memory/1 CPU/25GB SSD. In conclusion, if someone wants to compare VPS vs Cloud Hosting then it’s up to their requirement to choose the best according to their opinion.

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