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What you have written will be one among the thousands of other blogs on the internet. Even if you are new to writing blogs or are an expert, you always need to amplify your reach in order to increase blog traffic. How to get traffic to your blog, is a continuously frightening question, nonetheless cannot be left unsolved.

If someone asks any question on the search engine, the ideal situation would be that your written blog should be the ultimate answer to that. 

But how can that be done?

To increase blog traffic and hence the conversion rate, work smart, don’t work hard.

To help you out, so that your best piece of writing does not get washed away in the surging crowd of the internet. I have written this article, to help you how to get traffic to your blog for free. 


So, buckle yourself up.

What matters first?

Getting more traffic driven to the blog, at times does not show you the desired results. Do you know why?

Because quality matters more than quantity. To get more mentions and impressions of your work, you need to have the right and relevant traffic to view your blog.

Once you get the idea, of what type of people arrive at your blog, you can enhance the optimization of the blog, to increase the likelihood of getting more traffic.  These small visits will create a big impact on the overall conversion rate.

Increase blog traffic for free:

Here, I have mentioned the 10 most practical and verified ways to increase blog traffic.

1. Guest posting

Free and effective. Guest posting is a great and healthy way to generate organic traffic. Guest posting means to write on someone else’s website or blog. This significantly increases the visibility of your blog. Besides, guest posting is also a way to improve the backlinking of your blog, thus providing an SEO boost. 

Choosing what to write and the audience who will view your blog does matter as well.

Before, starting writing it is a must to know the audience who will read the content. 

Irrelevant posts and views will damage the vigor of your work. Also, look for some well-engaged websites for the publication of your blog. A website with higher web authority will get more traffic and hence, your in-content connections will carry more weightage.

2. Sharing through social media

Free opportunities are the best to participate in. Like, there are so many social media platforms, which can give you instant results in the form of likes, dislikes, or comments. Apart from this, social media is a great way to drive a huge portion of traffic to your blog with the help of daily organic posts. Platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can bring you a large number of readers. 

To increase blog traffic and get more from social media, there are a few things that will work magically, if applied:

  • Do a lot of sharing: sharing the content on multiple podiums, and using hashtags (on FB and Instagram) will increase the chances of more views. Posting the best content multiple times a week even creates ripples of long effect.
  • Modify the update: If you have a good piece of inscription and want to post it again, remember to change the social media update. This can be done by using various quotes, or more appealing saying, to grab the attention.  
3. Use Forums

There are many marketing forums, almost every industry today has a forum to promote itself. Take advantage to increase blog traffic from there. These forums are a very effective way to engage yourself in the conversations and know the exact type of audience, that you want to cater to.

Forums like Quora and Yahoo answering are extremely valuable sites to build and strengthen relationships with customers. Besides, answering you can drop down the relevant link of your blog, to guide the reader to your page. All the traffic that arrives through these forums is organic.

4. Keyword research

Whatsoever the strategy to increase the traffic to the site you follow, SEO will always matter. And for SEO, the right keyword research is the starting point. Knowing what keywords and phrases are mostly searched will link you to active searches. There are tools available online, that can help you to find the right, low competition, and highly viewed keywords for your blogs. Avoid keyword stuffing, a right keyword-optimized blog should be practiced. In particular, for blogs, long-tail keywords are best to work with.

5. Use of video mixing

The fifth in the row of answers, on how to increase blog traffic for free is the use of the technical aspect of social media. If you have video-making skills, make videos related to your blog posts. Creating dynamic and engaging videos that are embedded in your blog will increase the visibility of your blog too. A great source of potential traffic, YouTube integration for supposing, can help to increase user searches. Having video content along with a blog will automatically give you leverage in the search engine.

Since the videos are more enjoyable as compared to reading, therefore will give you more views. And search engines give priority to videos that are watched the most. The link added to the video will guide the viewer to the blog automatically.

6. Do E-mail

All the beginners, who look for the solution on how to get traffic to your blog for free spent most of their time searching for ways to bring in users. Still, it is statistically proven that almost 70 % of the users who leave the website, leave with intention of never returning. So, this clears the fact that retention is also equally important as inviting. As mentioned earlier, the visitors can subscribe through social media platforms, but these networks have a restriction as far as the number of reaches is concerned.

Then why not use an alternate? The best substitute to start with is email. Prepare your email list.  

The most compelling way to reach directly to the viewer’s inbox, there is no restriction to limit the reach, since you own it. Not only email marketing is effective to drive in new visitors, but also retains potential ones. By scheduling and sending the newsletters, you have total control of the requests.

7. Create online groups

Community growth creates a deeper impact. Make online groups, and invite the users to join in. People who love to spend their time learning and actively use the free platforms will recommend and promote your blog through their profiles.

8. Join influencers

Influencers are an authentic and big boost provider. If you worry about, how to drive traffic to your blog, then join an influencer. Thousands of views are confirmed for sure. Start with having a conversation with them on social media. Leave a comment and share their posts as a friendly gesture. Appreciate their efforts, and end up the discussion with a healthy ending. This will be a mutual and profitable relationship.

9. Use Social proofs

By human nature, people like to make decisions based on social proof. These social proofs are the impeccable experiences of other people. Use these to promote your blogs. This can be done by adding a feedback form and asking the visitors to fill and share it, another way is to ask them to rate your blog or write reviews. Attract the viewers by showing the numbers of subscribers as social proof, show it even if it isn’t a big number. It is proof to use it as a power.  

10. Restructure the posts

At times it happens that, people do not comment on your blog. This means they didn’t pay any attention to your blog. In that case, you need to restructure your post. Restructuring the blog is a way to say that, you care for the audience and you are glad that they are back to your blog. Restructuring means you speak of what people want to hear. Then the citation and the sharing will be a matter of seconds to do. To restructure means, you are renovating your content to align with the thinking of your audience. Use different approaches to put things together online.



To conclude, increasing reach and doing growth hacking is a need to market your blog. Understanding how to get traffic to your blog doesn’t require any hi-fi technique to conform to a large amount of traffic. To attain massive gains in the form of traffic to your blogs, try one of these working strategies.   

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