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  • Delighted to introduce my latest project, leveraging GSAP for fluid animations, Tailwind CSS for polished UI aesthetics, and JavaScript for robust interactivity, this project showcases the power of modern web development tools.
    I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my mentor Harsh Sharma at Sheryians Coding School, whose expert guidance and support…Read More

  • PHP is a free tool for making websites more exciting and interactive. It works behind the scenes to make web pages do cool stuff like showing different content to different people or storing information from forms. I like PHP because it’s simple to learn and can do a lot of different things. It works with all sorts of web servers and doesn’t cost…Read More

  • Here are some information about library & framework in javascript.

  • Types Of Function In Javascript⬇️
    Here are different methods to write functions:
    1. Function declaration:
    function declaration are not executed immediately mean to say hum jb tk inn ko call nhi karein gy ye execute nhi ho gy. Iss mein humre pas function keyword ata hai jo javascript mein function ko declare krta hai, fir function…Read More

  • Function In Javascript⬇️
    Humare pas different blocks of code hote hain jo task perform karte hain. Function ko hum events par call karke us par task perform kar sakte hain ya hum agar apna function banaye aur us mein data enter karein toh ye bhi ho sakhta hai. For example: If I have to make coffee, toh mein function mein step wise coffee banane ke…Read More

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Hello! I'm Rohama Salfi, a student studying in Sg-Educate Institute, With a passion for developing websites. I was born and raised in Faisalabad. I completed my middle from Allied School, matric from Govt Pilot School and intermediate from Eduacators College. Beyond my professional life, I am passionate about photography, editing, playing basket ball. Beyond this all am risk-taker, adventurer, philosopher, narcissistic person. Feel free to connect with me on email I'm always open to discussions and sharing insights with like-minded individuals. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me.



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