Why Email is Used More Than Ever in Business


Email is the pillars of modern communication. If the pillars are of good quality then its impact will be the same as exactly we think they should. It is immensely used in communication more than ever. That’s why in this era, it has become the heart of marketing strategy. With that in mind compose the email so that its contribution in business gives you 100% results.

History of Marketing Emails 

At an early age, email was used for general communication among relatives. But with the passage of time, it became the champion of the marketing world. After the observation marketers have found that when they spend $1 on it their business makes $21. Marketers have reported that its contribution in their business is highly beneficial for them. 

Isn’t strange to think that who and when the first marketing email was sent? So what is your guess about the first sent? The world’s first email was sent in 1978.

But the question arises here who sent the first marketing email ever? Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at digital equipment Corp had sent an email to 400 recipients. Imagine this, marketing email was sent to 400 recipients in 1978 what would be the version of internet at that time? At that time version 4 was installed in the ARPANET. The latest version is Windows 10, which is more advance as compared to version 4.

But now in 2020 marketing email is 42 while email is itself 50years old. 

Why Emails Matters

Mostly customer or the people in sales prefer email to any other form of communication what is the reason behind this? Because this form of communication is differ from face to face communication so first, you have to learn the basic ingredients used in email communication.

 In its communication, the recipient can’t understand your tone so, write with full care so that he understands your purpose of writing.

Why emails matter? It matters because it is technology being used for a long time, like the telephone or television and these technologies have long lasted.

It is not something used by one or two person rather it is the technology used by pretty much everyone in the world for major or minor purposes.

This communication channel has become the operating manager of marketing, it’s time you should use it as a part of your marketing

Email is Now in Reach of Everybody

It is now in reach of everybody and has a huge reach globally. There are more than 3.7 billion people had an email account in 2013 and at that time population was 7.1 billion which means it was half of the world’s population. And by 2016, about 4.3 billion people had an email account and 85% population of the world use it to communicate. 

In other words,it gives you the strength to get out into the world and communicate with others. 

Email Is More Powerful Than Any Other Medium:

You may be thinking that, isn’t social media is more powerful in these days? But the answer is no. Let’s see how it is more powerful than social media.

Research shows that email is the best source of communication over any other tool and it is the first priority of everyone.

No doubt many people used social media platforms for communication but email is preferred over text messages, yahoo mail, social networks and snail mail.

It is still the most effective way to engage with other people even with the development of multi-channel. That’s why everyone has a personal email address. In fact, you can’t sign in to many platforms until you verify yourself with an email address. Little wonder that Pew Research shows that about 92% adults in USA use email and nine in ten of them check them every single day.

Emails give you the massive opportunity to make your dream come true. By adding it to your professional life, you can improve your communication skills and build trust among customers.

Best Way to Reach your Customer

In business marketing which platform should be used?

In marketing, the thing matters are the platform because if the medium is not smooth then all your effort is worthless.  So, it is the best way to reach your customer whether you are familiar with the recipient or not.

Email is more beneficial then social media platforms but how because other networks are also the best tools for marketing then how it is different form them?

The difference is that you can’t own social media platforms like Facebook, twitter or Pinterest are best marketing tools but when one of these platforms shutdown then all your work in increasing your followers will be worthless.

On the other hand in case of email your work will not be worthless leaving natural wastage. At least you have a list of email address of your followers and you can start selling again.

Emails Contribution in Business

Surely you remember the snail mail which was enough to cover all kinds of stuff in your mail box from personal statement to professional mails.

Email is not much different from snail mail. It also cover all kind of stuff whether it is formal or informal. We use it every single day of our life, from writing to our friends to submitting resume.

The difference between social media and email is that, social media is for fun while it has both a personal and business space. So, the it wins over social media networks.

Merkle research group found that about three-quarters of the email consumers prefer to receive business communication via email. Mostly people give preference to it when they spends money. If this is not convincing then look at this research.

Exact Target Research found that about 66% of people have done a marketing through email and not only this, they have made a purchases too. Guess when it happens? It happened in 2012. Just imagine how much smooth communication it has.

How Marketing Email is Different from Other Emails

Email is a personal as well as a professional communication tool. And that combination makes communication perfect with your customer. If your email has both personal and professional ingredients then you will get your customer trust easily.

It is like a one to one communication between sender and recipient. It’s not like twitter or Facebook where posts are for group of audience. It’s like radio or vlogs where the speaker develop the connection with the audience. Obviously, marketing email is differ from personal emails but if you writing to single person then it will not much differ from personal writing.

It Gives you Strength to Find your Customer

Email gives you strength to find out that how many customers used your link and opened it. Through it you can also monitor that what exactly your customers want.

Email is not much different from snail mail but it is providing advancement to tools for marketers to set strict parameters and monitor to receive which email. If you are doing email marketing then it will be better for you to get maximum information about your customer so, they will easily get your point.

Different kinds of marketing strategies are now out in market and one of them is personalized discount. This strategy can change your market position so, don’t let it go. It is the best example of targeting audience. You can include unexpected offers on the basis of several factors like if your customer is following you for a long time then you can offer him special discount on the basis of past history.


Remember, if you want to market your brand then use email marketing in a professional way because every time you send,it will give you feedback. The consequences of that feedback can be in the form of profit or loss.

If you need more inspiration on email marketing then stay with us.

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