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If you are sticking with Facebook for the advanced algorithm, targeting options, or types of ads, it may be time to start looking at other options. Facebook is not the only, easiest, or cheapest option on the market. In fact, with the steady rise in Facebook’s advertising costs, you might want to check out advertising alternatives to Facebook, sooner rather than later.

As marketers, you should be aware of other advertising platforms like Quora. So, you’re better equipped to make full and informed paid marketing strategies that are right for your businesses or clients.  But if you want to learn about Facebook ads vs Quora ads in detail, you will get it at length in this article. 

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads appear on users’ feeds and stories on Facebook. It helps businesses collect users’ contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, without leaving the platform.

Facebook ads can be used to:

  • Find prospective customers
  • Schedule demos or quotes
  • Grow your business’ mailing list
  • Understand the interests and behaviors of your demographic
  • Increase signups and enrollments for events or programs

Best practices for using Facebook ads:

Target your audience

Facebook is well-known for targeting the audience. You can add a custom audience focusing on people who have already interacted with your business. You can start by choosing your target location, age, gender, and language. Note that under location, you can precisely choose to include or eliminate cities over a certain size.

When you start making selections, keep an eye on the target audience, which gives you a sense of your potential ad reach. You’ll also see a projected number of pages likes. If you have run campaigns before, it will be more accurate. Always remember that these are estimates, not guarantees.

Use automatic placements

Where should your ads appear? Facebook or Instagram? It’s a difficult decision if you’re just starting your business and also you don’t have enough experience with testing different placements with your target audience. That’s why it’s easy to choose Automatic Placements. Simply go with this option. Facebook will work its magic by showing your ads across those places where the ads are most likely to succeed. 

If you’re running different campaigns, automatic placements will typically give you the best output. Facebook optimizes your campaign if you use automatic placements to produce the highest number of conversions and also show your ads in locations where people are more likely to convert. But if someone will use the traffic objective or another non-conversion-based objective, he/she needs to start with the feeds and stories placements. Most advertisers prefer to use the conversion objective.

Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing or split testing uses two versions of a visual or creative asset to identify which resonates more with your audience. This way, you can direct your ad spend toward the top performer. 

Turn up the contrast 

The more your image ‘pops’ off the screen, the more likely your audience is to stop scrolling long enough to read your message. Using a high-contrast image, or adjusting the contrast, is a quick and easy way to achieve this. Use this technique with both photos and illustrations to help your images stand out. 

Tracking Your Performance

Facebook no longer offers conversion tracking, but Facebook Insights are great to track how your users are behaving within Facebook. To track users once they’ve left the site, you’ll need to use an outside analytics program like Google Analytics. Tag your links using Google’s URL builder or your own tracking tags.

What is Quora Advertising?

Quora is one of the largest online platforms for questions and answers. It is one of the highest-quality user-generated content platforms. It invites users to follow topics, ask questions, and provide answers and opinions. 

The public can respond with follow-up questions, comments, or objections, just like a typical conversation. Quora is an excellent place for employees who work in specific fields to share their industry-specific knowledge and establish the company as a thought leader.

Quora ads are a function of the Quora question-and-answer platform. They allow brands to target ads to Quora users. Quora ads display as native advertisements and promoted posts within the platform with a small portion of text to signify this. Otherwise, they look like normal Quora posts.

Best practices for using Quora ads

Write useful answers

Provide knowledge that is useful for anyone interested in the question.

Target location 

Target the location by building out location-specific ad sets by isolating just one region. This helps you see which locations are driving performance and optimize more effectively.

Ensure that answer isn’t too short. 

Clicks are measured when someone clicks on the preview of the Promoted Answer to read it in full.

Target device 

Target the device because bids tend to differ across desktop and mobile devices. A more effective bid will define desktop platforms in one ad set and a duplicate ad set to target mobile platforms.

Install Quora pixel

To view conversion data within the Ads Manager and see what campaigns, ad sets, and ads are driving conversions. This data helps to determine the success of a campaign.

Which one is better? Facebook ads vs Quora ads

Facebook ads are assumed to give the highest impressions among all platforms because of the huge traffic that Facebook receives every day. But it’s tough to compare Facebook ads vs Quora ads because each has its own significance. It all depends on your company’s sales cycle. 

If you may need to embrace several touchpoints to stay on top of potential customers, it’s worth taking the time to research whether your audience can be found on other channels, which may be more affordable than the ones you’re already targeting. Quora is one of those channels. 

With the help of Quora pixel in your site, it’s easy for you to determine your audience. So, make use of the platform according to your offering.


Marketers and entrepreneurs leverage social media advertising now more than ever before. Therefore, the best platform for advertising depends on your business goals and what you want to achieve with digital advertising. 

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any comments, queries, or suggestions regarding this article, please state them in the comments section below.

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