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Are you a beginner in Forex? If you’re passionate to become a Forex trader then you must read till the end to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading.

In this article, I’ll give you a full-fledged overview of online Forex trading, with complete assistance on how to become a forex trader or how to trade on live markets. So, let’s get started with global Forex trading first. 

Before engaging you with online Forex trading let me give you a brief overview of the foreign exchange market. One of the most widely traded markets in the world is the Foreign Exchange market, with a total average of over and above $5trillion per day.

When individuals, companies, or organizations conduct business to gain an advantage of rate fluctuation, it turns into extensive currency exchange. 

The central bank, retail bank, cooperations, and retail traders primarily use the foreign exchange markets. They put their hands on the foreign exchange markets with the purpose of managing their nation’s currency. They can also trade extensive currency on the interbank markets, or deal with overseas companies. 

What is Forex trading and how does it work?

Forex stands for “Foreign Exchange.” Forex refers to the global currency exchange trading or the trading in currencies from different countries against each other. For example the exchange of US dollars against the Euro. 

Global Forex trading is also apprehended as Forex exchange trading or FX trading. It provides traders the platform to speculate on price fluctuation within the FX market with an eagle eye. Assessment is the major goal of FX trading if the value of one currency weakens or strengthens contrary to the other. 

Forex traders have to face several trading shots each day due to daily news releases. Daily news releases provide an opportunity for the FX traders to gain advantages by becoming flexible with them. And then Forex traders take advantage of the suspicious sentiments of the market and trade based on them. 

How do you make money in forex trading?

Forex trading is always conducted in an exclusively electronic format. In simple words, Forex trades in currency pairs such as GDB/USD (Sterling v US dollars).

Global Forex trading gives you an opportunity to speculate whether the price of one’s currency will rise or fall against another’s currency country and take your next step accordingly.

If you look at the GBP/USD currency, GBP is the first currency called the ‘’base currency’ and the USD which is the second currency is known as the ‘counter currency’.

The base currency and counter currency are bought and sold 24 hours a day and 5 days a week by the traders globally.

So you can speculate the rise and fall in the price of the base currency against the counter currency Forex trading tools. In online Forex trading, participants engage remotely with the FX traders via internet connectivity. So if you forecast the rise in GBP contrary to the USD currency then go long the currency pair. If you think there will be an alternative, shorten the currency pair.

Forex brokers expedite the transaction by increasing the margin when sending buy or sell orders to the traders in the market. Accordingly, the traders will unlock new spots far beyond investment, with the aim of acquiring profit by beneficial speculation. 

What is leverage in Forex Trade? 

As I told you, Forex is the most traded market in the world with an average of more than US$5-trillion a day. The forex market has deep liquidity that big banks and liquidity providers let you trade with leverage. 

How do you trade forex in leverage?

If you want to trade with leverage then simply set aside the required margin for your trade size. Let’s say if you’re trading 200:1 leverage means – you have to put £10 in the margin in your trading account to trade £2,000 in the market.

If you’re trading 50:1leverage, for instance, you would be required to set aside only £10 in the margin but you can trade £500 in the market.

Is high leverage good in forex trading?

Depending on your account type and risk preference you can trade much smaller or larger deal sizes. You can use different levels of leverage but keep in mind that higher leverage can increase your potential profit. But it can also lead to potential losses.

As you can see in the previous example if you trade £2000 in the market, it has good potential to give profit. But it can lead to possible casualties. 

So, if you’re a beginner then it’s best to trade with lower leverage because it will ensure that you’ve enough capital to become a Forex live market expert. 

What does margin in forex mean?

In Forex trading, the margin is the amount of money a trader needs to deposit to the broker in order to open the trade. In simple words, a margin is the good faith deposit which the broker requires to cover any potential loss.

How does Margin Trading in the Forex Market work?

If you become a Forex trader and you trade on margin then you have to keep this amount in your account to keep the position open.

You only need to pay the percentage of the full value of the position to keep the trade open while trading on Forex. Margin is the vital component of Forex trading as it enables the participants to control positions far beyond capital reserves. 

Pros & Cons of Forex Trading

I do recommend keeping in mind the pros and cons of Forex before making any decision. For any enthusiastic participant, it’s important to conduct adequate due diligence and make sure if Forex trading is a suitable venture. 

Advantages of Forex Trading

Forex is the largest exchange market with consistent dept and deep liquidity. Besides, it has other benefits like remote accessibility, limited capital requirements, low operational cost, forex margin, and deep liquidity are a few pros enough to attract traders of all types. 

  • Enable the traders to trade on Forex margin 
  • Deep liquidity allows participants to trade with leverage 
  • Quick reactions of prices to the daily market news releases can be advantageous and disadvantageous for the market participants. 
  • It remains functional 24 hours a day and 5 days a week from Sunday to Friday. 
  • Predictable market trends

Disadvantages of Forex

However, you should be aware of the drawbacks Forex has. If you’re new to the Forex market then the availability of enhanced leverage and several trading options can lead to potential losses. In addition to this, the pricing is volatile in nature and can be swift and dramatic. In online Forex trading, future results have no concerns with past due diligence. It is always changing but emphasized one step ahead strategy and strong risk management.

  • Risk of significant loss 
  • Trading with leverage is a double edge sword. You can either encounter tremendous profit and lead you to the potential loss. 
  • Risk of an account closed 
  • Probability of Increase in the interest rate on the correlation currency pair outside of major Forex pairs. 
  • The high potential risk of market fluctuation

The two biggest advantages of trading Forex are Flexibility and diversity. Saving either short or large spots in minor, major or exotic currencies exchange markets require traders enormous strategic options. 

How to learn Forex

The atmosphere in the Forex live market is so dynamic that proper training is really important. No matter, you’re a seasoned market doyen or beginner to cryptocurrency trading, producing consistent profits compels traders to be prepared. 

Of Course, it’s easier said than done. If you want to have your best at Forex trading then it’s imperative to follow one rule that never stops training.

There are a few ways to stand ahead in this competitive environment which are to develop trading habits, attend expert webinars, and continue your market education.

If you’re passionate to become a forex trader then never stop educating your trading skills. 

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