What is the first thing that pops up in your mind, when you open a new website? The website security, of course. Well, your concern is right. Choosing, a secured website promotes the business. It is statistically said that almost 85% of customers do not continue to shop if they find an unsecured connection. So, as a businessman, it is your right to secure your website. To opt from HTTP vs HTTPS, here I have written a helping guide to add up in your decision to choose, which is better HTTP or HTTPS. So, without further due, let’s begin.

When does it all begin?

The combat among selecting HTTP vs HTTPS started in the year 2018. When Google started to send a not-so-good message, (in the form of a picture), whenever someone clicked on a non-HTTPS website. This was in a way a prior intimation for all those who have a non-HTTPS website, that they might be at risk of losing traffic. Since, the majority of viewers diverted to other websites, after watching that horrifying notification.

After some time, however, this didn’t show up the agreeable results of conversions from HTTP to HTTPS Thereby, in 2014, Google started to give privileges to those websites which were HTTPS secured. They got the benefit of being shown up by Google in SERPs. This was a very precious opportunity for SEO professionals.   

Should I use HTTP or HTTPS:

By human nature, when we start to consider one thing over the other, we start by comparing both. And the main point of concern in that comparison, are the benefits and the difference.

 So, to understand the difference between HTTP vs HTTPS, let us see the main difference between both and then the benefits that are offered by the latter. 

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

The most highlighting differences between HTTP and HTTPS are:

  1. HTTPS has more secured data transmission than HTTP.
  2. The difference in the URL address; for HTTP it is HTTP:// and for HTTPS it is HTTPS://
  3.  HTTPS is more secure than its counterpart.
  4.  HTTP sends data over port 80, which is the transmission of data in plain text. Besides, the user will also get a warning message related to it. Whereas, HTTPS, uses port-443, which is the secured transmission of data. Port 443, encode the data before sending it over the transmission line.
  5. The HTTP works at the application layer, whereas HTTPS functions at the transport layer.
  6. Working with HTTP, SSL certificates are not required. While it is mandatory to have an SSL certificate to work with HTTPS. An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate, is a standard security technology, because of which encrypted communication between a web browser and web server is possible.
  1. HTTPS requires domain validation and some certificates and sometimes legal documents validation as well. Whereas, HTTP works without any validation.

Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP:

The “s” in the security of HTTPS has a lot more to offer to its clients, in terms of improved performance; especially to small businesses. 

To give you peace of mind, why you should switch from HTTP to HTTPS, here are some benefits that HTTPS offers:

1. Improved Ranking: 

SEO professionals work to rank the website on the SERPs. Take Google, for instance, the advantage that it has given to websites that are HTTPS is visible on the first page of Google. This is in a way a quality service that Google is providing to its customers by not sending the visitors to unsecured websites. so, to get better visibility and ranking, switching to HTTPS is wise.

2. An enhanced version of security

 Small business websites are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Every 39 secs, 43% of websites are hacked. With HTTPS, the users achieve the safest and most secure experience of using the websites. This is because HTTPS protects your valuable information from hackers. Thus, giving you the simpler and most secure option to work with.

3. Modified browser labels

It gives a further push to encourage the conversion to HTTPS, Google had created an update in its chrome URL’s bar. Pause here, go and check yourself if you haven’t noticed. Google marks the HTTP website with a grey symbol, saying that these websites are not secured to be opened. 

Now, a red label of “not secure” for such websites is used rather than showing that horrendous pop-up notification. 

4. More conversions

Many people are unaware of the technicality behind the HTTP vs HTTPS connections. But they are well aware that a website has to be HTTPS when they intend to share their personal information. There a huge difference was seen between the conversion rates of the two website connections. Thereby, people who deal in small businesses must switch over to HTTPS to improve the conversion rate. 

5. Improved Customer confidence

The internet user has become smart than ever. Because of the buzz that is all around about security, they specifically look for a secured website. This search for and using a better-secured connection gives the user peace of mind, that their data is in safe hands. And on the other side, leverage the business websites that use HTTPS.

I hope now you have got the idea of which is better HTTP or HTTPS. So let us now move to the next step of conversion of your site to HTTPS. 

How to switch to HTTPS:

Switching over from HTTP to HTTPS isn’t a grand challenge. It is a process of a few simple steps and you are done.

  • Choose the type of SSL certificate and buy it from the hosting company.
  • Install and do the configuration of your SSL certificate on your site’s hosting account.
  • Upgrade the domain to point to HTTPS.
  • Readdress all HTTP pages to HTTPS.
  • Reassure the ownership in the Google search console.
  • Update the sitemap and robot.txt files.
  • Update the settings in google analytics.
  • Test


This process may take a while. But that wait is worthwhile in the longer term.

Is HTTPS faster than HTTP?

Although, the SSL certificate has some impact on the performance of the website. But that effort is minor that it cannot outweigh the benefit that we get in the form of a secured website. 


To recapitulate, the prime difference between HTTP and HTTPS is the presence of the SSL certification. Other than that, both are hypertext document transferring protocols. But at the end of the day, composure and peace of mind are essential to get, which is only awarded by the security. And security is in choosing HTTPS. So do not think further, convert and choose your security today.

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