Everything about Emblem Logo; What is it, and why choose it?


The Emblem logos are used as universal. You can found them across most industries around the world, from sports teams, universities, major car brands, and even there is the logo on your coffee shops just like Starbucks.

This is actually because once you become familiar with what emblem logos look like, you will probably choose this type for your Industry.

Well, if you take a look on few instantly-recognizable companies you can understand it easily:

emblem logo example
  • Volkswagen
  • Harley Davidson
  • BMW
  • Warner Brothers
  • Starbucks

What is an Emblem Logo?

You might get crazy to know about what exactly Emblem Logos are, it is actually similar to combination mark logos. Emblem logos could be a combine images with text. Emblem Logos bring everything together into a single shape. They are imagery and more symbolic, and it often works perfectly with the manipulated text.

Emblem logos aren’t bold or minimalistic as some other logotypes, but it delivers value in a different way. Those are symbols of tradition and strength. At this time when customers are still drawn to well-established, reliable brands, an emblem is a great choice for your identity.

It is truly said -there is no wonder that this type of logo translates as timeless to consumers.

What is the difference between Symbols and Emblems?

Symbols and Emblems are often used interchangeably and there are several key differences between those two terms.

The symbol is actually a glyph or character that stands in as a concrete representation of an object, idea or relationship.

Whereas, emblem is more abstract representation with an idea. The emblems are worn as badges or are sewn onto clothing to show affiliation.

You can see that symbols are incorporated into the design of an emblem logo to convey a message. Just like someone is using a skull and crossbones on its own and it is obviously a symbol for poison. So, when it appears on an emblem, its meaning becomes less literal as it implies an association with danger or rebelliousness.

When You Can use Emblem Logo?

Emblem logos are an excellent choice for modern businesses that want to give a nod to time-honored tradition, with just a hint of whimsy. This type of logo taps right into consumers’ love of nostalgia. On the other hand at the same time communicating confidence, heritage, and prestige.

  • You can go with it when you want to link your company or industry to its historic roots.
  • You can go with it when you want to convey a sense of established authority with a legacy behind it just like police badges.
  • It helps when you want to add a distinguished and/or intellectual flavor to your brand, with or without a sense of playful irony.
  • You can go with it when you want to make your consumers feel like they’re connected to a certain community of like-minded people. For example, emblems of British soccer team.

When You Should Avoid Emblem Logos:

You should avoid the emblem logo when you want to convey an ultra-modern, futuristic vibe. Emblem logos are among the traditional types of logos. They aren’t the best representation of cutting edge or high-tech companies.

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