A Brief Guide How Google Ads Work


Advertising works like a magic wand. Google Ads are the way to speculate your intentions and your products to the world.

The aim of doing advertisement is to promote business, brands, products, or services to attract more clients to increase sales. To make consumers aware of the upcoming promotions and availability of products and what the company has to offer to them is the goal of proposing ads.

Launched immediately after two years of the Google search engine, Google Ads is the advertising platform that came into Google Adwords’ eyes in October 2000. In the year 2018, the name was changed to Google Ads.

How Do Google Ads Work?

Companies ask Google to promote their products or services on their websites. When the viewer comes across that ad, the company has to pay Google upon per-click.

The aim here is to draw more traffic towards the website, for which SEO is done. More traffic means more promotion.  


What Makes Google Ads Different?

Google ads is an online advertising program offered by Google itself. It assists its user to make online ads to deliver their intentions (products) to their targeted audience.

Google is the most extensively used search engine. Users of every category come to this platform for their search intentions.

What makes Google unique is its ability to provide higher-quality results to its user.

The majority of businesses invest their time and money into Google Ads, as they believe that the rate of interest they get from Google is always more.

As now Google has become a well-known brand; therefore, most people prefer Google for their promotional campaigns and advertisements.

Types of Google Advertisement Campaigns:

Google provides different ways to promote your product, for instance, through search, display, video, various apps, and through shopping.

How to Promote Through Google?

If your product needs to reach a maximum of people, then no other platform will do that in a refined way other than Google. To promote yourself in no time, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose Where To Broadcast

Choosing here means to select your targeted population or audience, which is if you want to be on the local or global stage. Google itself does the remaining.

  • Craft Your  Unique Message

At this stage, you can show your magic what you provide and what best you can offer to your customers. Please bring in a short and precise message for your customers to get them excited and entice them to learn more about you. Add images and show your creativity here.

  • Set Your Financial Plan

Set your investment such that you can quickly deal with it. Google Ads show you the estimated results of your budget as well.

  • Go Live

Broadcast your ad. Google will show your ads on searches done upon it, like Google search and Google maps.

Whenever people click your ad, you will have to pay Google. Clicking the ad means that the visitor likes to know more about your business, wants to acquire more knowledge about your website, and/or wants to get directions to your shop. 

Best Practices of Google Ads:

Some of the best practices done by Google may help you to be a pro:

  • Avoid using comprehensive terminology.
  • Don’t run unrelated ads on your website.
  • Improve the quality score to get more viewer’s attention
  • Elevate your main ad page (landing page), make it SEO optimized to be ranked on Google and visible to the masses.

I hope you found this article worthwhile; for more relevant and informative pieces, stay tuned.  

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