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In this section, we will learn the very first steps to building your social media marketing agency. Although we call it a social media marketing agency, it also includes an important part of the internet and digital marketing.

Social Media Channels

We will not use all social media channels for every business, but it is important to know who they are for and where we should use them. For example, you may not need to use Pinterest for a dentist. We are going to find out more about the social media channels below.

YouTube: Can be used for Long-Form Marketing.

Instagram: Showcase and Highlight your products.

Twitter: Can be used to get Load.

Facebook: You may use it as a combination of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Email: You can build your business life through Emails.

Google Advertising: It works as the engine of a business.

Facebook Ads: Worked as the second engine for your business.

Snapchat: Can be used to find your Niche Market.

Pinterest: Can be used as the search engine

Depending on the type of business, you need to plan how and when you will use each social media channel. As we move forward we will learn more about planning.

Business Model

It is important to know what path you have to take to build your agency, what are the steps and general plan for the structure of your business.

Build your agency’s basic plan that what you are going to do:

  • Find 1-10 clients in the beginning.
  • Start earning with these clients from $1k to $5k per month.
  • You may cancel the policy at any time.
  • Provide your services Local / Online.
  • Start by providing an audit to your clients.
  • Help clients to grow their business.
  • Try to provide services to as many clients as possible.

You may help customers by:

  • Managing their SMS.
  • Improving their sites.
  • Doing Email marketing for your clients.
  • Helping your clients through Search Marketing.
  • Doing paid advertisements.
  • Helping free SEO.

In the beginning, starting a social media marketing agency has three main steps.

  1. Name.
  2. Company Structure.
  3. Site.

1.Name Your Agency

The first step we need to take is to find the name of our company. It’s best to choose 2 names for your business. These names are:

  • The legal name of your company
  • DBA (Doing Business As)

It is suggested to choose 2 different names for various reasons. For example, you can easily change your DBA later, but it’s more difficult to change the company’s legal name. There are also some important points to consider when looking for a suitable name:

  • You can use your initiative and ventures for the legal name of your company.
  • Don’t give your company your name, because you can’t sell it later.
  • Name your DBA after your niche.
  • If your DBA shows about your work, you’ve already won half the battle.
  • Show rewards in your DBA

Also when you are looking for a name you should think of a common username on all social media platforms, for example:

  • Instagram / Username ABC 
  • Same Username
  • / Same username

That way people can find you more easily. You can follow this rule for your clients later. There is a great tool that helps you to check all the channels for the available username which is You can type the username you are looking for and it will show you which platform it is available on.

2.Forming Your Own Company

The second step is to legally register your company. You can say that you can start doing this without registering your company, yes, it may be different in different countries but there are many good points in building your company. If anything happens later, you’ll be able to protect yourself, and you’ll be able to avoid delays when everything gets serious.

A Limited Liability Company (LLC), or similar, is available in most countries and is most commonly recommended for a social media marketing agency.

registering your company

LLC has many benefits, one of which is that when someone files a lawsuit against your company, your assets will be protected.

You can use the website below to register your company and take legal action.

A great tip for those of you who live in the US is that you can set up your LLC in other states, even if you don’t live there. Some states have lower tax rates and different laws.

3.Get Your Domain

The third step is to register your domain, and there are many guidelines to follow. Also, your DBA and domain can be close or identical.

Use rewards or careers: If you can do this job well, it will be much easier to get your clients later. You have to be more particular with the help you supply toward other people. For example:

Bad Name – Social Media Marketing Group

Good Name – Digital Dental Marketing

Easy and Understandable: Don’t use difficult words that people don’t understand. Do your best to choose words that are simple so that people can remember them once they hear them.

company name

One Dictation: There are some words, when you pronounce them, there can be many dictations with different meanings, so try to avoid such words in your domain.

End and Beginning: You have to be careful not to put the words together as the end of one of them is the same letter as the beginning of the next word:

  • Marketing Group
  • Digital Logos

Avoid using words like this, as marketing ends with “G” and the next word group also starts with “G”.

When you choose the right domain for your agency, it is highly recommended to acquire the same domain with other endings such as .org or .net. The reason is that firstly others do not take it and secondly maybe later you need to do something else and you can use these domains.

There are other options when you want to check when you want to buy your domain. One of them is to make your information private so that people do not know who owns the domain. Sometimes people will look for you and harass you by repeatedly contacting you. More privacy is always better.

Hopefully, you get all the above points. Stay connected with us to learn the other part of building your social media marketing agency.

Thanks For Reading.

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