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In this article, we’ll explain all those Facebook advertising mistakes that most marketers commit, and how to fix them.

Facebook is one of the busiest social media networks in the world nowadays. While a few marketers are making the most of it, others find it a complex platform to promote their business on.

No matter how diligently you follow Facebook ad metrics, there’s a fair chance you might not be making full use of a platform as a result of making common Facebook advertising mistakes. But that’s only half the problem. The other half is that you won’t know you’ve committed them. So how do you fix a problem without knowing it?

5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Marketers often end up making the following errors when advertising on Facebook:

Not Knowing The Audience Well Enough

This is the secret ingredient of Facebook advertising. Understanding your audience as a marketer is just as important as knowing what you want them to do.  How will they use your product? What pain points do they have that you as a marketer need to address? Even within your overall audience, different niches will have different priorities, problems, and objections.

As a brand, you have to put your target audience ahead of your strategy.  Before you open your Facebook ads manager, list out a specific profile of your prospect, this will help you tailor your ads to the right audience. You have to try out a couple of Facebook-provided demographics to discover which particular one offers the largest return on investment.

Choosing the Wrong Objective

Even if you’re an experienced Facebook advertiser, choosing the right campaign objective can be tricky. Many of the options seem similar and some even have identical optimization settings.

But choosing the wrong objective can completely ruin your campaign results. Meta’s algorithm delivers your ads to people who are most likely to complete the objective you select. If you pick traffic when you need sales, you won’t get the results you want.

But how do you know which objective is right for your campaign? When choosing an objective, always think about your business goal and how it aligns with the sales funnel. If you want to grow your company’s presence in a new market, choose a top-of-funnel objective. If you want to generate more revenue, choose a bottom-of-funnel objective.

The older version of Facebook ads Manager simplifies this process by splitting objectives into funnel stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion. From the multiple objectives available for each stage, choose the one that best fits your business goal.

Repetition in Ads

You can’t publish the same ads over and over. To catch more target audience members, you need to create different ad creatives. Even if that colorful ad design has worked wonders, a time will come when your target audience develops ad tiredness. To overcome this as a marketer you need to change at least some of your ad creatives every two weeks. Add new designs to existing ad campaigns while pausing low-performing variations.

Also, create ads in different colors with and without in-image text. Expand your ad images to create more diversity. Set up a Facebook ad rotation schedule by creating two to three ad sets, each with different creatives. Do not change any other elements such as the target audience. This way, on each weekday, your target audience will see a different ad, and, consequently, won’t get tired of seeing them as quickly.

Not Using Localization

One of the common Facebook advertising mistakes, especially for small businesses that serve in multiple markets but aren’t big enough for Facebook global pages, is failing to use the localization feature. Instead, they communicate in two or more languages in a single post, which can confuse the audience.

Using the localization tool is easy. You can restrict your ad to a specific location or publish the same ad in several languages, which appear as one post for everyone. Make sure you know exactly where you’d like to serve your ads. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your budget on people you can’t do business with.

Ignoring Custom Audiences

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to reach many different audiences, including those who have been to your website before or have purchased from you in the past. These people are warm leads and may just need a reminder to come back to you.

In creating a remarketing campaign, you can send specific ads to different groups of people. For example, you can have an ad that asks your blog readers to sign up to join your mailing list. This means you will have a better way to keep in touch with them and bring them back to your site. 

You can target past customers by uploading their email addresses to Facebook, and then they will see your ad with a special offer. Even people who visit one of your landing pages can be targeted, so you can show them again why your services or products are the best.


Avoid these Facebook advertising mistakes to boost engagement. Facebook is the best place for businesses to hold up their attainable audience. If you’re mistreating Facebook to extend your online business existence, you’re losing out on one of the foremost authoritative promoting tools out there.

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