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The present era has made it easy and convenient to reach for almost everything. May it be heavy machinery or be a light kitchen appliance, all are just a click away. One of these examples is selling books online. Digital Technology has made it easy for everyone to reach out for a book of choice. Many platforms are available that sell books online. Selling books on Amazon UK is a business and source of passive income for many.

How to Become an Amazon Bookseller?

Amazon is a very well-known brand; almost every second person has used this platform to buy items. Selling books on Amazon UK does not need any particular pre-requisite to start. This is a very potential platform to start with and drive huge traffic towards your website. All the tools and techniques you need to sell books on Amazon and start a business as an Amazon seller are available on various platforms. Following are easy steps to follow to become an Amazon bookseller:

1. Register yourself:

The registration is free of cost. The only fee that the seller needs to pay is when an item is sold. For registration, only basic info is required like:

  • Your debit or credit card
  • Personal details (name and phone number)
  • Bank account details
2. What will be your fulfilment method (FBA or FBM)?

To fulfill the order, Amazon allows you to work in either of two ways:

FBA (fulfillment by amazon): In this method, you have to send your products (books) to the Amazon warehouse. Later all the customer’s services of packaging, delivering, etc., is done by amazon itself.


Whereas in the FBM (Fulfilment by a merchant): with this method, whenever a sale is made on Amazon, you need to pick, pack and ship the book along with the courier service of your own choice.

3. What type of seller do you choose to be (an individual or a professional one)?

Deciding from what type of bookseller you want to be, either an individual in which you will be allowed to sell 40 books per month or a professional bookseller in which you are permitted to sell more than 40 books (of course, depending upon the inventory). For beginners, selling books on Amazon UK as an individual is recommended.

4. In what ways you will source the inventory?

In the beginning, this point can make your mind go restless since it is challenging to locate an ample number of books for your store. But don’t worry certain viable techniques can work for you; 

  • Look into your shelves. Sometimes we have some books that we have either read too many times or we do not read them at all. Try considering all types of books you have in your home.
  • Book bazaar: Look for the cheap book sales around you. This might give you an excellent way to choose a variety of books for your inventory.
  • Wholesales: you may get an opportunity to buy a huge collection at a low price. So keep your eyes open for such sales.
  • To let: At times when people move to a new place, they leave some items that they don’t need anymore. And to earn from them, they put it on certain online selling websites. Be alert for such a public sale.

What will you need

How to become a profitable online seller

How do I sell books on Amazon UK?

Selling books on Amazon is the simplest of all the commercial ventures you can think of. This business does not require even a single penny from your pocket to invest. Being an amazon bookseller needs you to take care of three main things to sell books on Amazon. Once these things are made up in your mind, and you know how to take care of these hitches, then you are on to start the selling. Following are the tips to earn as an amazon seller.

1. Choose Right books for sale:

Before starting the sale, it is a pro-tip to check what types of books are hot in the sale and not. Beforehand, to start selling books on Amazon UK, look for which book is highly ranked by amazon and which is not. Every product that has a high sale on amazon is entitled as “best seller.”

2. List your book on amazon

After getting yourself registered as an amazon seller, list your books. This can be done from the Amazon page of the actual book product page instead of making a whole new listing.  To check whether your book is listed or not, type in the ISBN in the search bar.

Once your book is enlisted on amazon and appears on the list, there is an option on the amazon page as “Sell on Amazon.” Subsequently, you will be asked to enter details about the book like SKU (stock keeping unit) code, price, quantity, condition of the book, and fulfillment channel (either FBA or FBM).

3. Set your price.

For your chosen book, set your price wisely. Pricing your book is art, so be careful in doing this and avoid using the same price as your competitors have. Focus on your discount structure because it can increase the possibility of winning more customers.

4. Promote your book.

In order to show the majority about your stuff, promote your article via social media posting or run ad campaigns to get more customers. If you are going to run an ad campaign, then first choose marketplace and then amplify your reach to the targeted audience.


Being an amazon bookseller does not require anything. Whenever you make a sale, 15% of the total price is taken by Amazon, and the rest will be your profit.

Besides, books are the most popular item to be sold and bought on Amazon.

Sell books on Amazon is undoubtedly a risk-free business that needs only 1 hour from your time to build a successful profile. So, gear up and get yourself ready to earn from this on-the-go commercial work. I hope you found this article worthwhile.

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