How To Track Email Open Rates & Link Clicks


Email marketing is one of the key components of a successful promotional strategy in current times and chances are it’s not getting replaced as quickly as the other conventional methods are diminishing. It’s considered to be one of the strongest mediums for delivering a message quickly to a large audience across the globe. Here in this blog, you will find out how to track email open rates and link clicks through emails.

To make best use of your time, effort, and money on email marketing, it is important to know if the audiences are clicking and opening the email you have been circulating. In the past, it was difficult to know if the audience received it or not, or if the email was in their spam folder. But now it’s easy for us to track all these things.

What is email tracking?

Email tracking is a method of monitoring the delivery of emails. This can be easily done by using multiple technologies. Most tracking technologies use digital equipment to make sure that the Email is sent to the planned recipient. As well as to disclose the date and time when the Email was sent, received, opened, and read. 

Why is tracking emails important?

No matter who you are – a website owner, affiliate marketer, blogger, etc, email tracking is very essential for everyone to monitor every action of your customers to grow your business. With tracking of an email, you see if the audience opens it and if they do, whether they click on the link therein or not. 

What are email open rates?

Email open rates are the proportion of emails opens out of total emails delivered. It shows the effectiveness of your subject line and engagement. You can calculate the open rate using the below formula:

Open rate formula = (Number of people who have opened your email/ Number of emails delivered) X 100

How to track an email?

Sending a tracked email is simple. We’re going to review how to track an email:

1. Establish company guidelines on email tracking practices.

Technology like email tracking can improve customer experience, but it must be used responsibly. It’s a good idea to define the proper use of email tracking tools in your company’s privacy policy and disclose when people sign up for email subscriptions that email tracking systems are in use. These standards should be established before you start using email tracking and re-examined continually to ensure you’re creating a good customer experience.  

2. Install an email tracking app.

There are several different email tracking tools on the market today. By using these tools, you’ll get live notifications when someone opens or clicks your emails. You’ll also get real-time updates on when and how many times a contact opens your email. 

If we talk about email tracking for your WordPress website, then getting to “Track Email Open Rates” and “Link Clicks” for your WordPress website requires you to have the WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin installed so you can easily start monitoring. Install & active WP Mail SMTP from your Admin dashboard.

3. Enable open and click tracking

After completing the WP Mail SMTP installation, click the Email Log tab to open email logging settings. To start keeping all records of the basic details about your emails firstly you need to select the option Email Log. And then Plugin will start keeping a basic record of your email in the WordPress database from this point on.

In the same panel you will have more options that you can enable;

  • Open Email Tracking
  • Click Link Tracking

There are more options available. You can enable any that you need.

4. View opens and clicks for sent emails

Now you can view email open and click analytics right from the Email Log page. Simply head to WP Mail SMTP, then Email Login, then admin dashboard and see a quick overview of audience engagement with your sent campaigns. If you want to see more details about an email, just click to open it in its window and track all information about this email in one place.


Email marketing metrics are essential to ensure that you keep track of your email marketing campaigns. Your click-to-open rate helps you understand how engaging your email copy is. All this won’t be possible without the right tool to help you track your opens, clicks, click-through rate, and click-to-open rate.  

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