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There’s no denying that video marketing has been on the rise over the past few years, growing ever more popular and reachable for brands. While popular sites such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are great places to invest, creating a YouTube channel might be the best place to promote your brand as individuals spend one billion hours each day watching videos on this platform.

If you are an aspiring vlogger, you can make a decent living and showcase your talent to the world and acquire long-term followers through a YouTube channel. If you’ve been planning to start a YouTube channel for a while, this guide will help you a great deal. It covers how to create a YouTube channel from scratch and different tips that’ll help you attract new viewers.  

Steps to start a YouTube channel:

Becoming a YouTube sensation as a brand or an individual starts with making a YouTube channel. Here’s how to build your account.

Step 1: 

Most people already have a Gmail account. But in case you don’t, you’ll need to create one. It’s simple. You’ll need to enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number. 

Step 2:

Now, go to YouTube and sign-in with your Google account credentials.

Step 3: 

Click your account icon in the top-right corner and select “Create a Channel”.

Step 4: 

Now you’ll be asked to choose between a personal or brand account. Select a brand account as it’ll help you set up an account with a customized name, and you could also share its credentials with your team.

Step 5: 

Now, enter a channel name and click Create.

Step 6: 

That’s it; your channel will be created automatically. Now, you can customize it by adding a profile picture, banner image, and description.

Things to consider before starting YouTube channel from scratch

Here is what to consider if you still dabble with the idea of creating a YouTube channel from the ground up.

1. Time Commitment

Time commitment is necessary for building a successful YouTube channel. You need to invest your time into creating awesome videos that will attract the viewer’s attention.

If you wish to be successful, you need to find a good balance between this work and your everyday job. It is preferable to make a good plan and prepare several videos in advance before publishing. This way, you can keep a consistent publishing schedule so your viewers will keep coming back for more content.

2. Budget

YouTube is free to join and use. But it is not that simple for YouTube creators because to begin creating quality video content, you’ll need good equipment to record quality audio and video material. You’ll also need a proper computer to edit the videos and make them attractive to the public. It includes editing software that does not come cheap.

3. Set Your Goals

The goal behind your YouTube channel is the ultimate question when you start a YouTube channel. If your goal is promoting your brand, and gaining exposure,  you apply strategy according to this. But if your goal is to make money by creating a YouTube channel and producing content, you need to adjust your strategy accordingly. Since it is relatively difficult to become a YouTube millionaire overnight, you need to be smart about setting your goals. 

Tips for starting a YouTube channel:

Here are the tips which you can use when you start a YouTube channel:

·         Find Untapped Keywords:

Finding untapped keywords is one of the best strategies you may use to grow your YouTube channel quickly. When posting a YouTube video, keyword research is super important. The selection of the right keyword can make or break the performance of the video. 

Marketers who don’t know about SEO often struggle to get their videos ranked on YouTube. It’s critical to include it if you want to get more traffic on your videos. If you are creating videos that focus on a keyword most appropriate to your subject matter, you’re increasing your videos’ chances of getting found on YouTube.

·         Use Thumbnails that stand out:

The thumbnail of any video is the first thing the viewers see. It sets the first impression for your video. Your video thumbnail leaves a lasting impression of your video in people’s minds. Therefore, you need to use a creative and catchy thumbnail to draw the attention of the audience.

·         Interact With Your Audience

Social media is built upon the hypothetical thread of relating and interacting with fellow people. It’s all about how much you care. When your audience knows that you care about them, they will care about you.

To grow your YouTube channel, you need to interact with your audience and listen to what they’re saying in the comments section of your videos. Reply to the comments under your videos this will build trust and make your audience feel special.

·         Optimize the YouTube videos:

Proper optimization can help to make your channel and videos easily searchable to viewers. The things you need to consider here include the following:

  • Keyword-optimize your video title
  • Write titles that maximize CTR
  • Write SEO-friendly video description
  • Optimize video tags
·         Create playlists

Creating video playlists on YouTube is the best way to keep your viewer on your page. Not only do you need to create YouTube playlists, you also have to organize your related content in one neat-and-tidy list, they also auto-play. Once one video ends, the next begins and so on. This minimizes the chances that a viewer will move on to another channel.


Creating a YouTube channel is easy; you can do it in a few steps. But creating a YouTube channel successfully, on the other hand, takes some work. Take inspiration from your favorite channels and YouTubers, but remember, they put in a lot of work to get where they are. With patience, a little effort, and all the tips we’ve shared with you above, you can get there too.

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