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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the only game-changing tool that you need to optimize YouTube videos. Same works for the ranking of videos on YouTube. Therefore, understanding YouTube SEO for beginners is crucially significant for those who launch their YouTube channels and want to rank YouTube videos.

Optimizing YouTube videos is in actual the process of adapting the content that you display. This includes videos, channels, and playlists to rank them higher among search results.

YouTube is a search engine that is used to search for videos. There are some tricks that beginners must learn to optimize YouTube channel and rank their well-crafted videos among the top-rated ones.

Optimize YouTube Videos With 6 Simple Tips

To begin YouTube SEO as beginners, consider these 6 simple tips:

Proper keyword research:

There are many online tools available that can help you to give all the insights about the best keywords. Choosing a low competition keyword can elevate the possibility of a better ranking of videos.

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To draw organic traffic on YouTube, identification of the right keywords and thus implementing them is uppermost. The ranking of YouTube videos is essentially based on the relevancy of videos to the viewers. Therefore, content must match the viewer’s search results. You can use keywords on YouTube with a wider choice. For instance, in the video title, video description, meta description, tags, channel description, playlists, and video transcription.

YouTube SEO for beginners to start with keyword research and its placement. Jot down the low competition and highly searched keywords.

Keep an eye on competitors

As internet is the common medium to get information for you and your competitor. So, you can easily keep an eye on your rival’s most liked videos. Simply visit your competitor’s page and sort the most-watched videos on his channel. This will help you to further refine your keywords searched.

Optimization should be for Google

Whenever we optimize YouTube videos through keywords, we do it for Google. So, when you type any combination of words on the Google search engine, it always shows you a video. How is that video positioned at the top? Google has its ranking factors, and the video which is more pertinent to the keywords is shown in a top-ranking position.

Optimize as much as possible

Have you ever wondered how much we do to optimize a web page?

We do both the on-page and off-page SEO at max to make our website more easily searchable for Google. We use keywords in the meta description, title, heading subheading, etc. As far as YouTube optimization is concerned, it is pretty much the same. Three main places to place your keyword for better optimization of video are video title, video description, and tags.

Attract the viewers

Every business is an audience attention seeker so is YouTube. Best Seo of your video, make sure that the viewer is clinging till the end. If this happens then, your video is automatically ranked on the top and most-watched video. To achieve this level of customer(viewer) satisfaction, the first and the foremost factor important is the relevancy of content and the quality of the video, of course. Entertain them, make them want more best videos from your side. In this way, you can optimize your YouTube videos.

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Promotion-promotion everywhere

The more you are being watched, the more your chances to rank YouTube videos at the top. To do so, increase your promotional campaign. Market your video through various social media platforms. Provide the links to the blogs and several other Q&A podiums. Allow for more and more viewers to come.


After learning the YouTube SEO for beginners, what need to do. Let us have a brief notion behind why we need YouTube SEO. Some simple reasons validate the actual need behind the optimization of YouTube like:

  • It improves customers’ awareness. Because of the proper SEO optimization of the channel, it gets more exposure. Therefore, to make your videos more visible to the majority, optimize your content.
  • Increase the rate of profit. Irrespective of the motive behind the creation of the videos. If you want to generate traffic for a website or want to monetize the content and get profit from the ads attached. For both, objectives SEO is the tool. Modify the videos the way the algorithm wants, then the more views you get, the more will be the revenue generated.
  • Easy way to get followers. Videos on YouTube are the simplest way to drive-in dedicated followers to your content. Once if your video attracts viewers, then it will be easier for you to convert them into brand promoters. Thus, building a strong brand relationship.
  • A boost to your brand. It is a general perception by people that the top-rated videos always have the most relevant content, high-quality video with the majority of viewers, thus, they do not scroll further. So, to be in the eyes of viewers, acquire a position among the top five of the search results pages.

Final word:

Doing YouTube SEO is perhaps the smartest way to get traffic and to present your content before the masses. Your content can catch sight in no time if the aforementioned tips are followed.   

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