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Today We Are going to Talk About the most common Question in The search engine optimization field ( SEO vs PPC ) Which One Is Better. SEO is the best online marketing strategy. SEO is short for Search engine Optimization. Google and various other search engines use this technique to crawl the content on pages. Without SEO, no content will have stability and could not be ranked on Search engines if it is not optimized accordingly.

Have you ever wondered how many options are available to pillar your online business to the top?

Here we will be talking about two such strategies i.e., SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). Both are very compelling techniques for drawing traffic. Although their basic aim is the same their techniques and methodology differ.

Let us check the strategic comparison of SEO vs PPC which is better. 

To see the wider picture of the contrast between both, first, let us dig deep into the methodology to see the advantages and disadvantages. Later, it will be easy to draw the comparison and contrast representation of SEO vs PPC.

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SEO Advantages

The major source to bring in traffic to the website is search engines. The world’s biggest search engine platform is Google. Google caters to almost 3.5 billion searches every day. Therefore, the majority of optimization is done while keeping the Google algorithm in mind.

SEO gives some irreplaceable advantages on its own that make it beneficial for online businesses. Some are added below: 

Gives consistent results

SEO works well when sustained traffic through SERP is required. Also, SEO assists to give you maintained and improved results, thereby you can stay in a high-ranked position. 

Useful for Authority site

Through crafty SEO planning, more traffic can be generated. An authority site is a highly appreciated website, which is linked to the main website to get more of certain information. Once it gets started you generate more traffic to your website.

Increases the value of the website

Many factors are considered to increase the value of the website. For instance, search engine ranking, page rank, and consistency of traffic are some to mention. If you want to sell your website at a good price then to achieve all these progression aspects SEO is the single factor to be taken care of.

Disadvantages of SEO

In the discussion of SEO vs PPC, it should be understood that SEO doesn’t give you free clicks, and also a huge lot of effort is required to stand and promote the content through it. 

With the beneficial side of SEO, there are some disadvantages as compared to PPC. For suppose;

Slow in progress

As compared to its counterpart, SEO shows a slow start in the progress at the initial stages of optimization. That is, you do not get to see immediate results.

SEO is the perpetual process

Perhaps, the most tedious thing to do with SEO is that it never stops requiring work. Your website can never be 100% optimized. You always need to put in the constant effort that will help your website in the future.

SEO needs time

Doing SEO on your own needs plenty of time. Although there are many SEO tools available that can work for you, the majority of them are costly but as compared to others we recommend SEMrush ( all in one tool )

Pay-per-click (PPC):

Pay-per-click is another way to generate traffic toward your website. It is a marketing strategy, through which a search engine is used for advertising to generate more and more clicks on your website.  This is an organic way to draw in traffic.  

Let us look into the merits and demerits that PPC offers. A comparatively better analysis of SEO vs PPC is better.

PPC Advantages

In order to conclude that is SEO better than PPC, we need to look from a contrasting point of view PPC.

The advantages that PPC gives are as follows:

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Instant results – Is SEO better than PPC

Since PPC depends on the number of visitors viewing your website, it gives you swift results in no time. Once your PPC campaign starts working it will be displayed to the masses. PPC is highly recommended for product launches, promotional activities, event-focused marketing, etc.

Best for a targeted audience

PPC allows you to filter down the audience of your choice. For instance, you can do marketing based on demographic data. If you want to sell a product to aged people, you can easily bring them in through social media platforms. Similarly, individuals can be targeted through their interests and hobbies. Hence, through PPC you can reach the audience of your need quickly and convey them to your website.

Good for quick promotion – Is SEO better than PPC

If as a marketer you need to promote your product in a short period then PPC is the best option. PPC gives you swift traffic within a couple of minutes. 

Disadvantages of PPC

Everything that we talk about has shortcomings, and PPC is not an exception. For instance;

The more the better

This phrase sits perfectly if we talk about PPC. PPC is not free of cost campaign, rather get more good results you need to pay more.

Very time consuming

Doing by yourself or hiring someone for a PPC campaign requires effective research and selection of keywords. Sorting out those words and then utilizing them properly and then doing later adjustments need an ample amount of time. Because PPC has to be dealt with intellect. 

Fades away if left

Unlike SEO, PPC is not long-lasting. If you aim to get more and more leads you need to keep it alive. Once left and suppose you invest the allocated budget to something else the PPC will stop giving you results. You’ll gain traffic organically. No need to spend extra money on promotions!


The most damaging demerit of PPC is the deception clicks. Many companies use false clicks or software that generate clicks. This will help your competitor to chalk up your click’s charges. 

The Final Comparision 

After doing the whole analysis and thereby considering the pros and cons of both strategies, it will now be much easier to do a compare and contrast.

First things first, choosing from both depends on your expense and business type.

With the best-set scenario, both will do to lead to the maximum results to their respective extent. If you need quick traffic driven to your website then go nowhere other than PPC, since SEO will take a substantial time to show the outcome. Remember! PPC requires more budget.

With no time constraint in mind and when you do not need rapid results, SEO can be your pick. The good side of SEO is that its results run for a longer time as compared to the PPC. No extra payment is needed to move in the traffic to your website.

To enjoy long-term progress and correspondingly a quicker response a combo of both strategies can be made.

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