How To Advertise On Facebook, Beginner’s Guide


Facebook is an interesting marketplace that allows business owners to advertise their products using the internet market. You might be wondering why should you advertise on Facebook. It’s answer lies in this very article. Read through the details to learn more. Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook holds approximately 2.80 billion monthly active users. Now, in order to answer why to advertise on Facebook, it is an easy way to connect with your preferred audience. 

Advertising through Facebook is a very convenient way to reach the audience of your exact choice. You can easily find people who are interested in your products and services.


What are Facebook ads – advertise on Facebook

It is essential to understanding how to advertise on Facebook and why should you advertise on Facebook. Your business is on maximum leverage of more success if Facebook promotes it. Let us first have a brief overview of what is there in the Facebook ads.

Like all the other available social media platforms, Facebook is a landing page where people like to spend most of their time. Thereby, making it easier for companies to locate and attract the targeted audience. There are also some ways, with which you can discover your audience and increase the outreach as well. For instance:

  • Traditional audiences: You can use the existing audience or leads to generate ads and increase outreach.
  • Location wise: you can easily track down your audience location wise (country, state or city)
  • By demographics: locate by gender, age etc.
  • By Interest: group people by their interests like fashion, fitness, history, literature, business etc.   
  • Through surveys: Favorable audience can also be targeted through surveys. People give their basic information, from where you can filter out individuals of your concern. 

Why use Facebook to do marketing?

Among very effective marketing channels, Facebook is a highly recommended platform for promotion. Before start doing a marketing campaign on Facebook, you should have a clear picture of why advertise on Facebook. If you are, for instance, selling the shirts online then you can advertise your brand by creating a page on Facebook. It is an extremely better option for promotion. You can also promote or boost the activities on your page by investing some time and money into it. This little money investment is going to make your business a huge success in the long run. 

How to do advertising on Facebook:

In order to start advertising on Facebook, follow the below mentioned 7-step procedure and get supreme out of the advertising campaign. These below mentioned points will answer your question of how and why to advertise on Facebook.

  1. Choose your purpose: In order to start a new ad campaign simply log into the Facebook ads manager, and then select the campaigns tab. Next, click creates to get started with a new campaign. Facebook suggests various objectives based on the purpose behind your ad.
  1. Name the campaign: at this point, you have to give a title to your ad campaign along with mentioning the category to which it belongs. Besides, naming your ad campaign you can also choose whether or not you want to declare budget optimization.
  2. Set budget and plan: Next you decide how much money you want to invest in your adding campaign. Choose the plan that suits you best. In this way, scheduling can adjust the marketing timeline and budget.
  3. Choose the target audience: you can choose your targeted customers by selecting through distinct aspects such as location, gender, age, interests, and language. This element will let you identify which types of audiences are looking to buy your product. Further, you can easily view the size of the selected audience.
  4. Select ads placement location:  if you are new to this platform, Facebook provides you with the option of automatic placements. This will display your ads automatically on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger whenever it is the best time to project them and your ads are likely to get more views.
  5. Secure and control your ads: this is perhaps a very critical part that needs to be taken care of before launching the ads. With this, you can control all the inappropriate material that may occur along with your ad.
  6. Final formation: Facebook provides you why with different formats that can make your ad creative and more attractive. Choosing from different types of Facebook ads you can opt for one that does best for you.

Reasons why advertise on Facebook

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why advertise on Facebook will help you:

  1. Affordable: advertising through Facebook can help you to set your budget before displaying your ads. Hence, providing you with the ease of setting your budget according to your free choice.
  2. Practical: since the majority of people are connected through Facebook, therefore the ads displayed have the probability to reach maximum. Also increasing overall ROI as well.  
  3. Retargeting: Facebook gives you a passage to find the previous users, those who already visited your website or whose email addresses are in your contact list.
  4. Easy to set up: with the help of step-by-step guidance, it is easy to create an ad on Facebook. The user has the facility to compile the things according to his wish. For instance, type of ad, audience, timeframe and most of all budget.


In order to sum-up the above discussion, let us make a conclusion of the above given guide. Small businesses, these days have their efficient ways of marketing. Almost every one, now-a-days are using Facebook app for social networking. Businesses can take advantage of the social networking apps and can use Facebook to interact with the audience of their choice. The guide has described the points for the beginners to understand how they can use the platform of Facebook for their businesses and its growth.

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