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The most treading and highly used platform for job search at the global level is LinkedIn jobs. May it be related to a career or to business professionals to create their networks and access other resources and support, LinkedIn is always the first choice of the common public. To get LinkedIn jobs, all you need to do is to create a profile, no other hassle is needed. In this article, I will be giving you an overview of LinkedIn jobs, what jobs are on the top search and what do you need to get one. Let’s begin.

How to use LinkedIn to find a job?

Although LinkedIn has its platform, system, and networks it is no more different from other social networking sites. You can start to search for best-suited jobs by creating a personal LinkedIn account and profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Rather than sharing the pictures of their events, people here motivate and push each other to get a start or get better in their careers and business. After building your profile you look for the connections, endorsements, and recommendations to make your profile more professional. 

LinkedIn job search is extremely easy. Just with the help of these few steps you can leverage your resume and maximize your reach to secure the highest position.

  • Always keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Be clear in mentioning your skills and objectives.
  • Indicate your recent experience.
  • Keep your headline updated.
  • Let companies know you are available.
  • Research firms that interest you.
  • Search for a university associate.
  • Attach yourself to LinkedIn groups.
  • Before an interview, do the best of the research about the company and boss,
  • Build your network after office hours.

How do I create a LinkedIn account with no experience?

If you are a fresh graduate and do not have any validating experience to show to companies. Worry not, you can still make your LinkedIn profile stand out among the lot.

LinkedIn jobs for freshers are abundant in the number you just need few tricks to filter them out for yourself. Even if you do not have any experience, don’t feel shy to mention it. Be upfront, about lacking work experience. Also, include social work that you have done or are involved in. Remain up to date in your field of interests and have all the necessary information. It is not obligatory, that a highlighting profile needs a super experience, even if you are a beginner you can win the game too.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and alive with career motivating posts and messages. If you are unaware of what’s trending on the page, try joining groups.  Have faith in yourself, even with no experience you can do much on the LinkedIn platform.

How do you create a profile on LinkedIn? – LinkedIn jobs

With 300 million users and adding, the LinkedIn profile is what you need to manage your professional reputation.

LinkedIn jobs require a page that represents your capabilities and signifies you as a brand to the job providers. 

With recent features being added every day, and to increase chances of getting selected from the pool of candidates. I have jotted down some points that will increase your winning chances in your LinkedIn job search.  

  • Choose the right picture for your profile.
  • Add a background to your profile picture.
  • A little elaborative say more in the title than just a headline.
  • Make your summary attractive and narrative in format.
  • Use adjectives to describe yourself.
  • Increase your network…
  • Enlist the relevant skills
  • Get endorsed and spread it
  • Take skill assessment tests to get a badge
  • Display your love to learn
  • Share content on the feed
  • Follow influencers
  • Comment and share the posts
  • Talk about trends
1. Trending jobs at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a huge network, that is constantly being updated. The recent statistics say that 15 such jobs are in-demand as LinkedIn jobs in the year 2021. I have added those 15 ventures. 

Since the last year and the prevailing year has changed the mode of work throughout the world. But looking at the brighter side, plenty of new opportunities have emerged through top-rated companies. 

2. E-commerce worker:

Online shops have many vacancies to have you. From driver to supply chain associate, from package handler to personal shopper there are many such jobs available on LinkedIn with varying pay scales and skills needed.

3. Loan and debt experts:

With an increased job ratio of almost 60% during last year, load and mortgage consultants are high in demand. If you have this skill to help people out in their tough decisions and know how-to guide at risk management, customer services. Best suited LinkedIn jobs for freshers, this job needs a bachelor’s degree to get you in. And you can get up to $60,000.

4. Health Care supportive staff

Hiring for these positions has increased by 35% since 2020. Because of the pandemic, the need for health care staff is already in demand. With, holding a graduate degree one can earn up to $106,000.

5. Business and sales professionals

With a growing rate of 45% in the last two years being a sales consultant, sales assistant, operation assistant, and specialist.  having a basic degree and skills like customer retention, team building, etc. you can earn starting from $40,000.

6. Diversity managers

If you know how to work as a Co-Ordinator and how to do organizational development, then the majority of companies hire 99% of those who hold only a bachelor’s degree.

7. Digital marketing experts

With an increasing trend in digital marketing-related roles. If you have skills in product marketing, digital strategy, and know-how to do brand management then LinkedIn jobs are what you want exactly. With a pay scale ranging from $48,000- $96000 you can be in a high claim.

8. Nurses

Registered nursing staff, certified nursing assistants, and nurse practitioners are also in high demand. Along with the job many companies provide research studies facilities as well.

9. Teachers and academicians

If you have skills in lesson planning and are an expert in time management, then you can be a teaching assistant or a subject expert teacher.  In various institutes, you can earn starting from $40,000.

10. Content creators

Because of the outsourcing, done by big companies this is a nice choice for fresh graduates. Posts like content creators, writers, bloggers, graphic designers are very much in demand as LinkedIn jobs for freshers. Companies pay up to $60,000 for highly talented content providers.

11. Personal and professional instructors

Career counseling, mentoring, social media coaching require nothing more than a graduate degree to work as a professional through the LinkedIn platform.

12. Professional Engineers

New roles in the engineering field have emerged with enhancement in the digital world. If you have skills like program management, web development, etc., then a 6-figure salary is confirmed for your position.

13. Psychological health experts jobs in LinkedIn

With job titles of behavior therapists, mental health technicians if you have skills such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) then 97% of those hired hold only a bachelor’s degree in their relevant area.

14. UX experts

The user experience professionals can get $80,000. The skills required are web design, design thinking, and user experience testing. If you have these skillsets then job titles such as user experience researcher, user interface designer are waiting for you.

15. Data science experts

Grew nearly by 46% after 2019. With a 6-figure salary, you can be a data management analyst, data science specialist, or data scientist.

16. AI experts

If you know about artificial intelligence and are aware of C++ and python, then companies are waiting for you to join them.


With a surging number of 600 million professional profiles, there is an unlimited number of opportunities available for you at LinkedIn. LinkedIn jobs for freshers are impeccable and overwhelming in number. Providing you with the matching jobs and the jobs that might interest you LinkedIn jobs stand out to provide you with the best vacancies available. So, don’t wait, grab one for yourself. Create a profile today, search for the right type of job on LinkedIn, and get connected with the professionals there. Begin your career today!

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