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In order to rank your website on search engines, you must have strong content written. Google and other search engines use the algorithm of keywords to index the searches. So, it is highly recommended to use the best keyword research tool to find great keywords. 

In this article, we will be exploring the two keyword research tools. SEMrush and Similarweb are two tools that are used by most content writers to identify keywords and SEO analysis. 

The dashboard of SEMrush is quite easy to monitor as compared to Similarweb. Here are a few reasons to explain why SEMrush is better than Similarweb

 So, buckle yourself and read till the end to get a complete review of SEMrush for this year.

The Basic Interpretation

Before we get into the detailed aspects of why SEMrush should be chosen over Similarweb, let us have a definitional preview of both the tools.

SEMrush is a complete package tool, that is used to improve visibility and discover marketing insights. The SEMrush tools and reports help marketers who work for services in the areas of SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, campaign marketing. Similarweb is the website that delivers all the website analytics for businesses. It offers services like competitor’s website traffic volumes, referral sources including keyword analysis and demographics, etc.   

Relative Analysis

The prime difference that segregates the best keyword research tool SEMrush and Similarweb are that the SEMrush offers comprehensive traffic analysis for online visibility, SEO PPC, and social media. Whereas, Similarweb has a straight focus on the website stats only. To comprehend why SEMrush is better than Similarweb, let us do a comparative analysis of both tools.

1. Data Collection

The integrity and the accuracy of the business intelligence tool depend on how the data is collected and from where to collect it. 

  • SEMrush: There are two things as a built-in feature in SEMrush. The keyword database and the clickstream data. It is because of the database, that the SEO specialists and content creators make it their ultimate choice to use the tool.  By the latest records, SEMrush has assembled more than 16.4 billion keywords and 500TB of clickstream data globally from the 200M panelists. The keywords lists are regularly updated to replace the old ones with the newer ones. SEMrush is built on a database that holds more than 7.7 billion keywords from different regions around the globe.
  • Similar Web: Similarweb has a very decent web crawler, which scans the websites and search engines very broadly. By installing the Similarweb app, its add-ons, and plugins, you become part of the panel. The Chrome extension will assist you in tracking basic website metrics as you surf around the website. Nevertheless, it also takes some data from your browsed data, which further supports the Similar web’s database.
2. Keyword Analysis 
  • SEMrush The key point that makes SEMrush the favorite tool for companies is that it generates organic keywords, so do not expect to get the paid ones here. The keywords that are searched are analyzed based on some aspects like search volume, CPC, competitive density, and the overall ratio of traffic. Besides, the SEMrush will also provide you with information about the other website related to the selected keywords. SEMrush has a feature known as the” keyword magic tool”, which functions to provide more than just the basic keyword research. Along with the feature that segregates the keywords in a group created based on subject, it also evaluates the keyword difficulty and also determines all the ranking restrictions triggered by the keywords. 

What’s more that, you can also view the hippest search questions based on the specified keyword. To increase the holistic figure of your campaign strategy SEMrush also offers the site audit tool. This tool crawls through the website to pick out all the possible mistakes that you might have made on keywords and other SEO essentials. It filters out all the negative issues that might restrain your website from ranking higher.

  • Similarweb: the features that it offers to its starters is the close monitoring of the progress of keywords and the matching traffic share. These insights are handy when the only concern is to discover a website that is losing or gaining traffic from a particular set of keywords. In addition to this, Similarweb also shows the traffic trends from various keywords.

3. Competitor Analysis
  • SEMrush: SEMrush gives a holistic approach and view of the market. You can easily know the niches of your competitors. The toolkit in SEMrush known as “Market Research” supplies you with all the data of the top players in the area, the seasonal trends, and the market demographics for the selected industry. You can choose 5 competitors and then standardize their performances against each other with traffic analytics. 
  • Similarweb: Based on the point to look for the competitors in the market, Similarweb uses its standard search algorithm to save the day. It generates domains that are similar to your business. Knowing the competitors is very significant, the similar web offers a feature that compares your website to that of your rival’s and the characteristics like views per visit, the bounce rate, time spent on the website is shown.
4. Social media analysis
  • SEMrush: SEMrush is amazing when it comes to social media analysis. It has Social media Tracker that shows the competitor’s social channels. That means you can easily see what the competitors are doing on social media, what type of content they are posting, and with what frequency and what is their most effective engagement practices. In short, SEMrush provides you with all the essential information that is needed to boost the social media campaign.
  • Similarweb: Similarweb concerning the Social media analysis is nothing as compared to SEMrush. The farthest approach that it can give is the traffic analysis only, the traffic that is generated from social media.
5. Pricing:
  • SEMrush: Great things come with great prices. This is true with SEMrush. It is unfortunately not free. However, it gives a trial for 7 days, you will not be charged until the free trial is over. if you don’t like the tool you can cancel subscription any time in trial period. Other than this it has subsequent plans for its customers which is as follows: 
  1. Pro plan
  2. Guru plan
  3. Business plan
  4. Enterprise package
  • Similarweb: Similarweb has a free deal. But this free trial is only valid for 3 months. The packages that it offers are:
  1. Free
  2. Enterprise-custom plan 

Overview of SEMrush Features

  • Able to track traffic size.                                                        
  • Can track engagement metrics.
  • Can do traffic analysis of competitor.
  • Reveals competitor’s ranking.
  • In-depth analysis of ad campaign data.
  • Displays best combo of long-tail keywords.
  • Organic keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Advertising research
  • AdSense assessment
  • Domain comparison.
  • Social media tracking
  • Can track website position.

Final verdict

Why SEMrush is better than Similarweb? Well, I guess it has become clear enough that, SEMrush has unmatchable benefits as compared to the Similarweb. All credit goes to the features that it provides. Features like website audit tool, keywords magic tool, etc. can be proven as remedies to rank the website. With better accuracy and a little deviation from Google analysis, a data of 1,000,000 sessions per month is credited to SEMrush. So, none can support your business goals better than SEMrush that’s why it is the best keyword research tool checkout now.

Thanks for Reading.

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