How to Do Amazon product research: A BRIEF GUIDE


Have you ever thought about what makes an effective Amazon seller and your business, a success? What strategies are required to claim as a top businessman in the competition? It is the market evaluation. Before diving deep, it is critical to do Amazon product research.   

Acquainted as the best amazon product research tool for Amazon sellers, jungle scout has one simple aim, to help people find the relevant products on Amazon. Here is the article, that will help you to configure how to find top selling products on Amazon, through Jungle Scout. So read till the end in order to gain full insight.

Why should do proper product research?

Doing Amazon product research is a founding step in the start of being an Amazon seller. To excel in your business, you need to know the top-selling products

The products that are low in competition, and high in demand are the priority for anyone who is looking into to venture as FBA, which is fulfilled by Amazon.

It is no surprise that Amazon has evolved a lot in years. Strict policies and increased competition have exempted the old techniques to sell on Amazon. Therefore, to make your idea work and to increase your market, you need to have the best amazon product research tool. Such a tool will not only do a deep analysis for you but will also enhance the room for improvement for your business. This is profitable because you will never trade with items that people aren’t looking for.

For starters, make a draft of the list of all the potential items that you find to be profitable to sell on Amazon. Then the subsequent step is to look into its statistics. Sales, reviews, search volume, and similar products for instance.     

So, to grab a huge profit-making opportunity for your FBA business, Amazon product research is the initial step to start from. 

Then what should I do?

Well, having heard so much about the importance of, how to find top selling products on Amazon. How to do that should be your next concern. 

Now you need the best Amazon product research tool, to start without any trouble. 

A brilliance on its own, Jungle Scout is research software, that focuses on the advanced and optimized search from Amazon niche products. 

Founded in 2015, there are still some concepts related to the Jungle Scout, which are quite unclear. So, here is the brief review guide, that will help you to understand all the related concepts. 

What is the Jungle Scout?  

The Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool to start, grow and manage your business on Amazon.

It provides an FBA owner and the facility to search for and manage product ideas, hence assisting you to find top-selling products on Amazon. Along with that elevates and evaluates their possibility of success. 

Finding the products to sell, finding source suppliers, optimizing your listing, and managing your inventory and sales is all under the control of jungle scout.    

An overview: 

Sometimes it seems quite challenging to find out right tools for your product search, relevant to your niche. If you are planning to do an Amazon product search without the assistance of any tool, then there is a possibility that you may meet several serious difficulties. Also, this may increase the dedicated time and process to be lengthier. 

Then why not comprehend what is Jungle Scout used for? This will make the tedious process of searching and managing calmer. 

Jungle Scout offers the customers an affluence method to do Amazon products research and ideas, that have a high potential of viability. 

Even though, Jungle Scout entails an investment. But this investment can be beneficial. 

Because it’s the professional analysis software, which requires to make your FBA business successful. Even after the use, you don’t find it good, just ask for your money back within two weeks.

Jungle Scout features: 

Working to serve with the best services for its customers, Jungle Scout is constantly updated. With a dedicated team of developers, Jungle Scout never stops improving, growing and update the tools and resources.

Keeping in mind the Amazon FBA business owners, these tools and resources are designed to help the businesses expand.  

1. Products database

With this awesome tool you have an access to a products database of more than 70 million products. These products are directly taken from the Amazon catalog. Jungle Scout simply categorizes and organizes to view these products simply.

The categorization is done based on the specific search query. Along with this, the searchers are given a set of filters, that allows you to discover more potential products and the most fitting ideas related to your business ideas. These filters include predictable sales, sales rank, and estimated revenue. These tools help you to filter through which it becomes easy for specific needs.

2. Products Tracker

This is the unique tool offered by Jungle Scout. This tool helps the amazon FBA business owners to track product ideas over a period of time. With this, you can track a product’s rank, sales, and revenue. This metrics checking of the products helps you to craft a winning strategy for your product. 

With the help of this tool, you can add up the products into the tracker from the database and extension.

3. Niche Hunter

Developed by the Jungle Scout team, this tool helps Amazon private label sellers during the product research phase. The main focus of JS is to make product research as easy as possible.

4. Opportunity Finder

This tool helps to boost the in-depth analysis. Helping small businesses to discover the most profitable market segment, this tool is the best source to utilize. The filters and features assess you to quickly spot seasonality and identify the top products in a niche.

5. Supplier Database:

It is a Single place where you have access to all the global suppliers. This tool enables business owners to scrutinize various global suppliers by looking at their volume and shipments. This tool will help to find you the exact product, that matches the product’s ideas and related product line to the factories for your convenience.

6. Launch 

It is exclusively designed for the Amazon FBA business owners to help them drive more revenue and connect to potential customers. This feature provides some promotional aspects and direct customer email outreach that allows making extra sales. The sellers who work with email communication to promote their business and communicate with their customers are seen to have more engagement, thus leading to more customer reviews and satisfaction. With automated email processes, such as order confirmation and shipping updates, you can show the care you have for your customers, hence minimizing the possibility of negative feedback. 

7. Inventory manager

The worry of inventory tracking is taken away with the inventory management tool of the Jungle Scout to further ease the process of Amazon product research. With this tool, you will be able to predict the exact amount of stock that you need. Also, you have access to amazon FBA real-time inventory, thus allowing you to access the exact inventory level of your business. Along with this, this tool provides the cost and profits of the transaction of ordering specifics stock. 

Jungle scout User’s reaction

jungle scout review


Still, wondering how to find top-selling products on Amazon? If you want an advanced tool for your business solutions, then there is no comparison of any other tool to Jungle Scout. Providing you with the resources, tools, and support that you need to thrive and expand your business effectively Jungle Scout is the best option for your Amazon FBA.

This tool is a smart investment in the future of your finance.  To discover your next profitable product check out Jungle Scout today

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