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The current year and last year, have given us so many stringent opportunities to make money online, that the old concept of doing jobs is somehow vanishing. This reading piece is for those who are looking for ways to earn and want to know how to make money on Upwork. So, without any further due, let us get started.

What are part-time freelancing jobs?

There are plenty of different reasons, why people choose the field of freelancing to get started with freelancing jobs. If you work for a 9-5 job and have a couple of hours left, then freelancing will be your choice to make some extra dollars and fulfill your passion as well. 

In a survey, it is known that nearly 42 million Americans are entitled to freelancers and they certainly know how to make money on Upwork. Not all of them have the same reason, but they do have the same passion to achieve. 

Essentially, by definition, freelancers are those who work for themselves and are not bound by any contract. However, they do take contractual work from organizations. 

Looking for suitable part-time freelancing jobs is not limited to few options. Freelancing jobs give opportunities to you to work in fields like administration to writing, from graphics designing to be a personal assistant. 

To make this smart job easier, many freelancing jobs boards are specifically designed to facilitate freelancers. Upwork is one of them. 

What is Upwork?

How to get paid on Upwork will never be difficult to comprehend, if you digest the notion behind it. Upwork is nothing more than a marketplace where the freelancers join to sell their expertise in distinct areas of professional work. Through the Upwork community, the freelancers find projects, connect with clients, and get paid when the job is done. Upwork is an excellent platform for all those who want to hire new workers at lower rates even. 

Holistically, Upwork makes it much easier for freelancers to find work and earn. There is a lot of information available on the internet to answer on how to make money on Upwork, which will start to teach you as a newbie.

So, start rolling down your dice and do not miss a fortune to earn online with Upwork.

What steps to follow

Building a profile on Upwork isn’t a big deal. Like every other up-to-date platform, Upwork is easy to work and join in. Start with;

1. Create an honest profile: 

Working on the internet, do not give a complete picture of you to the clients. While offering a job to you, it is their right to know everything about you, whether you match their criterion or not. This is why a profile is created, that acts as a resume on Upwork. Besides, you cannot get work without one. 

Look for the type of job that you want to do, the specialized areas of your skills and the level of expertise. Be honest in expressing and filling out, every detail about yourself. This is mandatory. Because fallacious information may lead to a ban from Upwork. 

Besides, a description of a good picture of you will work more to pose your profile in a better way. 

After, entering all the basic detail, it is required a time of 24- hours by Upwork to verify and approve your profile.

2. Select association plan for yourself:

There are two plans that Upwork offers you. 

Basic plan: this is a free plan, in which you pay to get connected with potential clients. Each token or “connect” is $0.15 in this basic plan. To connect to clients for work, you need to submit a proposal to the clients. The number of connections, that you will require to get connected to the clients are mentiond.aches out to you, you do not need to spend any connections. Display of the expertise and stressing upon the relevant experience is all that is required to get work on Upwork.

Plus plan: with $14.99 every month and all that is in the basic plan, plus plan gives more, like: 

  • 70 connects each month
  •  visibility of competitor’s bidding price of the job
  • The choice to keep all your earnings secret.
  • Profile always remains active, never seen hidden.

3. Connect with clients

While working with Upwork and looking out for ways how to make money on Upwork. It is very essential to understand how to write the right proposal to attract clients. The clients always look for the answers to their queries. Therefore, a good proposal always addresses that. 

Also, before applying for a gig, it is vital to have a clear idea about the employer’s reputation. And how to do that?

Search from the internet. There are many good places to start your research from there. After completion of the job, the ratings given by the clients are very important. These add up to the overall repertoire of your profile.

Setting up a separate folder for all the dealing will be a great idea to compile the work in a more organized way.

4. Set price and get ready to work

Upwork deducts some amount from what you earn. This deductive amount varies depending upon the total amount by clients over time. So, the more you earn and dedicatedly give time to Upwork, the less will be the amount cut. There are two ways with which you can get paid on Upwork, by hourly or fixed price.  The fee structure for both is the same. If you opt for the hourly work rate, and if your rate is $20, then Upwork will deduct $4 and you will earn $16 for the first time. And once you have charged $500 with the same client then the deduction fee drops to 10% of the overall, and you will earn $18. 

If you choose to work with the fixed price, the same rule applies. Therefore, negotiate with the clients over the value that fits you.

5. Get ready to earn

Upwork payments are received through secured methods like PayPal, direct bank deposit or via wire transfer. The billing of all the hourly projects is done at the end of the week. For instance, if the project gets released or dropped in the middle, then you can get the advantage of hourly protection and milestone reached. 

Further, if you think that you are not being fairly remunerated by the client, Upwork has an option of the dispute of process.   


Being a freelancer and looking for ways to get paid through online portals, is not a complicated task. If you have a bunch of expertise with you, then no need to wait for a high-wage job. Work at your own pace with Upwork.  Hopefully, you get all the points on how to make money on Upwork. What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get started with Upwork!  
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