How to Write an SEO Optimized Article With Semrush?


In this article, I will tell you a simple 4-step way how to write SEO optimized article using semRush.

What would your website look like, if it doesn’t have any SEO-optimized articles and attention-grabbing information in it? 

A waste? Yes, that’s right.

Well-written content is the foundation of highly ranked websites. And the building block to that foundation is SEO. 

To rank, the website requires a highly appraised quality of content, which is achieved only if a single condition of SEO optimization is taken care of. This simple four-step process will help you to learn how you can use SEMrush as the content marketing tool, which contains topic research, A SEO content template, and an SEO writing assistant. 

So, here we go!

1. Assemble research in topic and the keyword magic tool

The notion behind this combo of the existing elements is to provide the essence of the new and existing knowledge related to the questions that people usually ask on the search engines. You just need to enter a word or a phrase related in the search bar, and semRush will generate the relevant topic cards. Furthermore, through filtering, you can choose the most trending topics of your choice or topics from the competitor’s website.

best Keyword research

You can also save the topic and everything that you like in the favorite ideas list. Next is the keyword magic tool, which does more refined keyword research. This list entails the list of the most relevant and related keywords. Merely by typing, you can explore a huge list of entities related to your subject. With the help of the keyword magic tool report, you can also identify keywords that can be used to create an outline for a blog or web page that will help to further enhance the SEO. 

2. Use the keyword difficulty tool

The keyword difficulty tool guides you to the difficulty level of the particular keyword. This allows you to pick a low competition keyword of its relevant keyword. Labeled as KD%, this feature can be found as a column as a keyword report on semRush. From here you can choose the main target keyword and its relevant 3-5 keywords for your optimized topic outline.

SEO optimized article

Apart from the main keyword, the relevant keywords also known as LSI can be used in the sub-sections under the subheadings of the article. So, it will give equally balanced keywords and their synonyms to the article. A pro-tip here is to use the FAQs, which are most frequently asked by people on Google. If you can provide the answers to those questions, from different angles, this will increase the worth of your content and hence increasing the chance of better ranking.

3. Create an SEO template and outline the content

The SEO-optimized article content template is another marvelous magical tool on SEMrush. The only thing that needed to be done is to enter the keyword, which you want to target and this tool will give you the templates for your content which will include suggestions including:

  • Total Word count
  • LSI words
  • readability score
  • page title
  • the meta description
  • and the use of the main keywords and LSI under the headings. 

These suggestions will help you to write SEO optimized article. You will know about the estimated length of the article, just follow these suggestions and start writing the actual topic.

4. SEMrush writing assistant

The SEMrush writing assistant plugin for Google docs and WordPress will help to refine your written article by checking and giving recommendations. This writing assistance provides you with a deeper analysis of the volume of your content and will help you to write SEO-friendly articles. It can also rate the accuracy of your written material on a scale of the more the number, the more is the optimized article.

SEMrush writing assistant


Hence, in conclusion, for SEO optimized article, all these steps will help you to create a perfect version of the draft that you can proudly publish over the website. With this brief guide on how to write an SEO-friendly article using SEMrush, you can make your website rank better among the top-rated web pages. Good luck.  

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