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If you think your website doesn’t have anything worth being hacked for, then you are wrong because your website is compromised all the time. The reason behind writing this article is that according to searches, more than 30,000 websites get hacked each day. So, the possibility of having your website at risk may be increased now. Created this article to keep you fully aware of your website security and the importance of website security checks for your future online success.

What is Website Security?

It is the measures that are taken to secure a website from cyberattacks. In this sense, it is an essential part of managing the website and is an ongoing process.

Why is Website Security Is Important?

In this article, I’ll walk you through how you can secure your website, check website security, and which website security company you should prefer to ensure your website. So, before engaging you with the process to secure a website, let’s see the importance of website security. You may be thinking, why do hacker hacks?

More than 2 billion websites are online, and this massive amount provides bad actors an extensive playground. They have various goals while hacking websites, like spoiling your site, stealing information stored on your server, tricking bots and crawlers, or abusing server resources (black-hat-SEO). The intentions of hackers can go worse than you can’t even think. Maybe your website becomes a part of pure hooliganism (defacement) or your servers used as a part of a botnet or mine for Bitcoins. You could even be hit by ransomware.

So, before engaging you with how to secure your website, I’ll give you a brief overview of the introduction of website security.

Best Website Security Company 2021

No doubt, not having any website is not as bad as having an insecure website. Nobody wants to have a hacked website because if the website gets hacked or blacklisted, you’ll lose 98% of its traffic.

Searches are, more than 40% of businesses claim to have a secure website and also have the capacity to handle cyber-attacks. If you want to see your website on the list of most secure websites, you should prefer to get website security services. However, I do recommend “Sucuri” the best website security company. It provides the best services you need to clean and protect your website.

Sucuri defends your website against hacks and DDoS attacks that can ruin your efforts and damage your brand reputation. It also monitors and identifies the indicators of compromise with various alerting options so you can take safety measures. Sucuri helps you to boost your site performance with complete cleanup.

Let’s see the services, Sucuri provides to make your website secure.

Sucuri offers the following services:

Website malware & Scanning

Sucuri provides a scanner’s service to rest assured that there isn’t any malware, hacks, or blacklist status on your website. Sucuri will help you to gain visibility into your website security.

website security
Website Hack Protection

If your website has the possibility of getting hacked, then it will protect your website from hacks and attacks. Sucuri provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to protect your website against website threats. If your website performance is increasing, you need to save your website traffic at any cost. If you want to protect your website, then click the button given below.

Website security
Website CDN Performance & Speed Optimization

Sucuri uses several legitimate techniques to make your sites’ performance better and faster. Website security will only be helpful if it provides the user a unique tailored experience. CDN of Sucuri caches your website content automatically and enhances your website speed by 70% on average.

Website security
Website Malware Removal & Protection

Sucuri repairs your website and restores the hacked data of your site before it ruins your reputation. It also offers 30 days backup of cashback for your help. Besides, Sucuri has a dedicated incident response team and excellent customer service to clean up website malware & viruses.

Website security platform

Core Features Of Sucuri:

Website Security Platform

Sucuri offers the best possible solutions to website security and provides each customer an equivalent measure of consideration, regardless of their business size and industry. Without additional charges, you can count on professional help available for you 24/7/365.

Website Firewall (WAF)

Sucuri offers a Website Application Firewall (WAF) that ceases the bad actors, boosts the loading time, and increases availability.

WAF features include DDoS Mitigation and Prevention, Virtual Patching and Hardening, Protect Brand Reputation, and Prevent Zero-Day Exploits.

Premium Website Security For Enterprise

Sucuri provides premium website security to meet your business standards. The premium features include

  • Advanced DDoS protection,
  • Holistic system monitoring,
  • Efficient incident response,
  • Automatic bad bot migration,
  • Website application Firewall protection, and
  • Enhanced website performance with CDN.
Referrals program

Sucuri offers a kickback for loyal customers and referral partners if someone joins the program, using referral links. They can get 25% off on the initial net purchase of a single site plan and 100$ for every agency plan.

Trustable Website Security

For Sucuri, it all happened due to their experience and best services, and now, they are a world-leading competitive website security company. This tool is trusted by big organizations like Godaddy, Yoast, CrossFit, NYU, mt(media temple),wpbeginner, and many more. That’s why Sucuri is the Best website security company.

Top website security platform

Opinions of Website Security Sucuri

Users’ opinion is generally optimistic about Sucuri, and they show much satisfaction with the use of services offered. Several users have highlighted the excellent attention to technical support and site loading speed.


Without any doubt, Sucuri is the best option for you when choosing a company to secure your website and increase its performance by 10X. One of the advantages Sucuri offers are a custom solution and protection for multiple sites that you can acquire with the flexible plans to meet your requirements.

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