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LinkedIn has completely changed the way, how more than 500 million business individuals belonging to more than 200 countries connect. Besides connections, it has also provided leverage to the B2B businesses. Since sales are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, LinkedIn has also contributed its part in sales, for which it uses a navigation tool which is LinkedIn sales navigator.

Besides, to learn about what is sales on LinkedIn and how you can get most of it. This article will help you in understanding how to get a LinkedIn sales navigator free. So, pace yourself and let’s begin.

What are sales on LinkedIn like?

For all the beginners the concept of social selling can be no more than a frightening job to do. But for the type of B2B businesses of this era, it is equally important too. 

LinkedIn is also used for social selling, to some extent successfully. A very helpful tool that it offers is the LinkedIn sales navigator.

The LinkedIn sales navigator helps to further filter out the search for you by discovering the ideal customer profile, parallelly creating the perfect list of customers, and thereby highly growing the probability of conversions.

Social selling

To understand how to get LinkedIn sales navigator free and how to get the most out of LinkedIn sale navigator we need to create this boundary of knowledge to understand the related concepts first. 

Social selling is an act of uplifting your social network to discover the right prospects, make trustworthy relationships, and consequently accomplishing your sales goals. 

Through this technique, we can have better sales leads and a sale prospecting process. Also, creating and maintaining such a relationship is easy within the network that is trusted by you and your customer.

Social sharing positions itself on 4 supportive masts:

1. Creating a proficient brand

In today’s date, the B2B buyers are very careful when doing any trade. They choose the sellers whom they trust the most. Building a strong professional brand displays that you are an active member of your industry.

2. Stay focused on the right prospects

Social selling in contrast to traditional selling helps you to find more prospects and connect to them. Almost 75% of customers feel satisfied to have a social media conversation.

3. Involvement in related perceptions

Project yourself as an expert on any topic by sharing industry-related content. Observing and stating on some news alerts and thus improving to build your professional brand, for instance, can be done. Research shows that about more than 60% of B2B buyers reply to the salesmen who have relevant insights. The salespersons can improve and enlighten their concepts by staying up-to-date with prospect’s news.

4. Building reliable relationships

Creating prospects by sharing your notions and thus providing them with relevant information.  Have an honest talk and provide the prospects with what they are looking for. 

What is a LinkedIn sales navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator structures a set of the very powerful set of search capabilities. 

LinkedIn is a professional network and proficient relationship-building platform, but now it has also become a popular place to find and foster sales leads. LinkedIn sales navigator provides companies to find leads and manage their pipelines effectively.

With the help of a LinkedIn navigator, you can easily reach the right types of prospects by using the filter that is embedded in the navigator. 

LinkedIn sales navigator is an assistant for you if you are a B2B salesperson. Being available for all the LinkedIn user it is a paid tool. As per your requirements, there are individual, team and enterprise subscriptions available that you can choose from.

How does LinkedIn sales navigator work?

LinkedIn works to join the sales team to the contacts and accounts. It is a sales platform that provides a collection of features that elevates your linkages and help you to find the right prospects for your sale. Through LinkedIn, one can generate more leads and recommendations to build a personal brand of your industry. 

How to get LinkedIn sales navigator free

The LinkedIn sales navigator is a valuable tool, adding value to the majority. But how much do we need to pay to get it? Is it free?

No, it is not.

Once you get aware of the crafting that the LinkedIn sales navigator does for you, you will already praise its worth.

Since everything is related to cost.


A superbly easy-to-use personalized navigator is castanet. It helps you to create LinkedIn outreach patterns grounded on Sales navigator searches. These patterns are created through people who like or comment on any LinkedIn post or by creating messaging campaigns for your followers.  

Castanet helps you to find the perfect customers for your business. It caters to you by creating the outreach sequence which is the series of actions that you want to take with potential leads. From viewing profile then following to invite for connection and messaging all is done by Castanet. The list is automatically multiple times a day and the series of operations is performed for each of your profiles. You can also check the progress. 


The first step for a successful business is the prospects and new leads. Whether your clients are individual people or companies, you create a list of leads as your marketing efforts. These efforts are made easy for you through the sales navigator. Just set the goal, get the tool and see your business grow.

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