How To Become Social Media Manager?


Have you ever tried to explore what is it like to be a social media campaign manager? What skills are required to become one? And how to become a good social media manager?  

If these types of questions intrigue you and stimulate you to hanker to become a social media manager, then read till the end and you will get the answers to these and all alike questions.

 So, let’s get set ready.

Who is a social media manager?

Like any other marketing executive role, social media managers need plenty of skills to complete their jobs. Social Media Manager must know the tactics to increase the traffic on their particular social media platform. 

The social media campaign manager is a person who is liable for organizing all the functions involved in the brand’s social media page. From monitoring to modifying, and from scheduling to responding to the customer’s comments all comes under the supervision of the social media manager.

What is required to be a social media manager?

The aim behind the role of social media manager is to create such an engaging brand webpage, that can create a possibility for many followers to become loyal customers.  

The outreach that the brands have on social media platforms, it’s formation for the promotion is the responsibility of the social media campaign manager. 

Social media managers also evaluate and monitor social media analytics

Thereby improving the brand image. The generation of new ideas and their implementation in a systematic way also comes as the responsibility of the social media manager. So, how do you become a social media manager?

The educational pre-requisite to becoming a social media manager is merely a bachelor’s degree in areas of marketing, public relations or relevant fields. 

Just holding this basic degree will help you earn an average salary of $47,000. 

To become a social media manager requires:

  • A degree in the relevant field.
  • A close eye upon every emerging opportunity on social media.
  • A keen to learn and adapt new ideas.
  • Capability to admire
  • A good display of time management skills.

Researchers have found out many substantial skills, which are required to become a great social media campaign manager. 

1. Copywriting

For a social media manager, one needs to be exceptionally good with vocabulary and grammar. Posting a dozen of posts every day, the social media manager has to create innovative and engaging content for the website.

Each platform of the company requires a unique tone. For instance, a professional site like LinkedIn needs a very professional manner whereas Facebook can be dealt with a light and fun tone. 

Most imminently, a social media manager has to create an SEO-optimized article as well as a post with a message that can be swiftly understood by the concerned brand audience.

The social media manager has to communicate with the customers every day, therefore, the written material of the Social media manager should be such that it can be absorbed by the audience quickly.

2. Up-to-date information

How to become a social media manager is not a big task to do unless you are aware of the surroundings.

In this daily-changing media world, an efficient and effective manager must remain alert on what is required as the tool to remain in the competition. Knowledge of trending and popular topics is very important to keep your content UpToDate.  Active managers use different tactics to grow on the social media like:

  • Holding a contest
  • Sharing interactive videos
  • Responding to online communities
  • By encouraging tagging
  • Extensive use of hashtags, to get found
3. Knowledge of SEO

Many companies consider SEO as a distinct section from the rest of the body. However, it heavily contributes to the content and social media part.

In fact, without SEO there is no concept of ranking on the internet. A great social media manager knows that how much does he has to do to provide optimized content. Doing SEO is the way to attract more and more customers. The whole of the selling and revenue generation is founded upon the SEO.

4. Concrete knowledge of Social media

So far, it is obvious that a social media manager needs an ample number of skills and expertise to do his job at best. Over the period through research and experience, the skills are polished further and an improved result is seen in the company’s revenue. The knowledge that is needed to enhance the brand image includes:

  • Knowledge required related to the particular platform.
  • Understanding the entire process of SEO.
  • Capability to engage the audience
become a social media manager
5. Customers care skills

Whenever the customers look for the post-service options, there comes the role of the social media manager to display the best of his skills.

Helping the customers to answer their concerns and providing them with the assistance that they are looking for.

The representation and the presence of the social media manager are the face of the brand itself. So, work wisely. Bad customer service can create a negative impact, and people if not satisfied may quit dealing with the company. At the defined time of 9-5, the social media manager should be available for the individual.

6. Visual Aptitude

Pictures create a deeper impact on people. The right image at the right place will leverage the worth of the company. This is the job of the social media manager. It is an integral part of his job is to have knowledge related to at least the basics of graphic design. The creation of appealing images and videos will work thousands of times more successfully on each social media network.

7. Flexibility

Every role of an organization needs to have flexibility, such as the social media campaign manager. Since in today’s era the mode of jobs and the practice of doing work has changed a lot.

A manager doesn’t essentially mean that he is attached to his nature-related job. Trying for the new and different things related to the company should be a normal exercise. Like being a social media manager does not require any strict obligations to fulfill, likewise filling in for other duties does not make it mandatory to be just a social manager. Be prepared for the challenge that might come tomorrow.  


In conclusion, the role of social media campaign manager places itself in the 42nd position among the top 100 highly paid careers. An obvious enhancement in the visibility, creation of two-way communication with the clients, and increase in the awareness and the good reputation of the company is the main objective of the social media manager.

Hence, basically, it can be inferred that the brand’s overall image is the projection of the social media manager’s decisions. Becoming one is a profitable deal to sign.

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