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Have you ever wondered, being an owner of a shop how will you invite customers to locate your store? The same goes for the e-commerce store. The thing that will work here will be improved SEO. This article is written just for you to learn how to improve SEO on Shopify. So, what actually is Shopify? This is the question that is on the internet repeatedly. Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, online stores, and retail point of sale systems. 

Shopify is a wide-ranging e-commerce store. From starting a business to managing and inclining to grow all is done on this platform. Shopify is a creative and tailoring online store. Through this platform, you can build your store both online and offline. Giving you accessibility to sell both online through your website and/or in-person with Shopify (point of sale). Shopify POS is a user-friendly app, that gives sellers to make sales on the store. However, once you have created your business profile, the next step is to do SEO which simply means optimizing your selling. 

There is a non-exhaustive list of products and services that you can provide on Shopify. Now let us divert our concern to the optimization of Shopify. 

How To Improve SEO On Shopify

SEO is a series of strategies that are conducted to make your website easily reachable on search engines.


 To identify your website as holding the best solutions to users’ problems, SEO is done to rank the website. 

The aim of doing SEO for any website is to get maximum visitors. And more traffic means more revenue.

The highly ranked e-commerce websites try to position themselves to get more and more traffic. Seo on Shopify is comparatively dissimilar from the other websites. Since your concern is not only to optimize the content but also the products as well. Also doing SEO for Shopify means making such a strategy to continue sales growth. So, let us look at how to improve SEO on Shopify.

To get the answer of how to improve SEO on Shopify and correspondingly how to optimize SEO on Shopify, 5 ways have been filtered out here for you.

1. Start by optimizing the structure of your store:

For any shop, it is critically essential to organize your content to get SEO done. This can be understood as directions that are needed to guide the visitor when he enters the shop. The same goes for your website visitor. Make it super convenient for your customer to locate all the necessary information that he might search for while visiting your shop. This little sense of organized structural webpage will provide a positive user experience. Do not try to send your customer away in search of relevant information from the main page. This loss in labyrinth and sense diversion is very harmful to the health of your website.

Making a few categories for each of your products will help your customers to stay connected to the main product page.

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2. Do not upset the customers

It is said that a loyal and satisfied customer will cling more to the website. This is what we have to do!!!

Starting from the design of the website, keep the customers in mind.

One of the ways, for instance, to keep the customer intact with your website is to give the best user experience through the improved speed of your website.

People do not have enough time to look for the products as well and to wait for them. What they what is instant satisfaction. 

Research says that almost 48% of the customer want the website to get loaded within two seconds duration.  

Hence, make your Shopify website ready for the swift, and use compressed forms of images to reduce the loading time. Also, use a more responsive theme. Customers may be viewing the website from any device, thereby making the design compatible. These basic things will optimization of your website, thus increasing the probability of securing a higher position on SERPs.

3. Make groups of items

Providing a complete shopping experience is the ultimate goal of any company. People look for the options that are most easy to use and search. This is another way to enhance the user experience and thus the SEO.

Create a collection or group of items that belong to the same category. This will provide the visitors with the ease to look for all the products in one place rather than wandering here and there.

The advantage that you will practice, is increased visits of customers. Because they will find your Shopify store more appealing and convenient to use.

Besides this, the search engines utilize semantics to get a clear picture and understanding of your product listings. So, make it easier for the search engines by merging the like products. This collection of the items under a single category provides you with an opportunity to describe with targeted keywords.

Also, you can categorize the products as per occasion or duration (timely products). This assemblage of products improves the internal linking of the website. This shows the relevance of the lists to the main page and site strength. And a combo of these will help your page to rank better.

4. Use of researched keywords

For an accurate successful SEO of your Shopify webpage, begin with the researched proper keywords. Being the first step to look for you on the internet, it is through these keywords that your business will get recognition. 

use the words that people are looking for to search for their intended product. Determine what are the right keywords that will drive the traffic to your store.

Act as a customer, position yourself as the customer. Thinking like the customer will help you to see the hidden side of the business. What will be the terms that you will type in to get your results? Jot them down… 

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Making a list of the words and phrases will get you a better understanding of what users want to search from your shop. Another source to get good keywords is from the competitor’s websites. Looking for the keywords that they use in the meta descriptions and title will give you an idea of how to attract more customers by using the correct keywords. Determining and using the right keywords is a crucial element to getting the most from your Shopify SEO.

5. By Optimizing the product pages

After done with the keywords it is now time to optimize the product pages of your shop. Start with those which provide more conversions. For instance, start from the page titles by telling the customers what the page is about. Stay consistent.

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Since it is through the meta description that will invite the customer to click through the website. Make it appealing. Do not forcefully copy and stuff the keywords. Give useful information along with the natural flow of content.


Hence, in conclusion, if people think about the option to move their business to an online platform, they think of Shopify. Easy to use and build and thereby providing abundant opportunities to generate revenue, when working with the store needs to get a review of how to optimize Shopify SEO. Just by putting a little effort into optimizing the Shopify store, you can get the customers attracted. Not only will they land on your page but will be loyal ones in the long term. Since online earning has become the greatest platform to sell and buy products, thereby, it is your golden chance to start your business through it. Either start your business or grow the existing one through Shopify, but do the proper SEO for your business. 

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