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Have you ever thought about where do these unique names of websites come from, which later become a brand that people say just like that? Always keep in mind that your brand name is your identity. Therefore, careful consideration is required to opt one, for your website. This article is written just for you if you have any ambiguity regarding how to choose a domain name. Besides, what aspects are needed to look upon while choosing one? So, let’s get started.

How to choose a good domain name for your website:

Before getting into the debate of how to choose the good domain name for your website, you must know the niche and the particularity of your business. If your business is related to food, then choose such a unique domain name that attract the foodies out there. Be very specific and unique about your domain name. By definition, the domain name is an identification name that shows your administrative authority or control over the internet. In simple words, it is the name of your website over the internet. A domain name consists of two elements only: the first part is the name and the second part is the extension. Here, our main focus is on the domain.

Opting for the accurate domain name for the website is a vital decisive matter for the success of your website. 

Doing a little bit of the homework on how to choose a domain name for a business, in the beginning, will save you from later hassle. 

Remember, changing the domain name may effect your brand name and ranking.

Choosing a catchy name and a perfect representation of your business is a bit hard. Thereby, I have added here 10 such tips that will help you to answer how to choose a domain name:

1. Businesses do not usually own the name, rather are registered: 

It is a common misconception. People think that the businesses own the name that they hold. This is not true though. They are registered instead under some legislative authority. Like any other property that cannot be owned, but can be registered in the name of any company. Likewise, whatever name you see as the recognition of the businesses, all of these are registered. Therefore, it is common practice to register your business first. In this way, you can protect your brand name under some legislative body.

2. Choosing a matching name: 

It is generally a good practice if your domain name matches your business. Choosing a domain name that represents your business, will give an imaginary view to the people. If you are preparing to offer services that have strict competition online, then opt for a name that is different from what you are providing. This will help you to stand distinct among the crowd. 

3. Use of keyword

The domain names which have matching keywords in them are considered to be of good quality. This idea works well if you have an affiliate sales website. Since the domain name has the keyword, thereby it will attract the customers who are searching by using the keywords. 

Besides, the use of keywords in the domain name elevates the chances of better ranking in the SERPs. The keyword you choose will be the decisive factor for Google to rank your website. This must be chosen on the ground of proper optimization. 

4. Short & Sweet is good

keeping the domain name as short as possible is a good practice. A long string of names will be difficult to decipher and memorize. But sometimes, two consecutive words are essential to keep together since they cannot make any sense when written alone. “Search” + “engine” for instance. However, if you have a small business regarding clothing, then a simple one word is enough for a good domain name.

5. Names that carry a message along

If you have a name for your domain that propagates a message pertinent to your work, will be a cherry on the top. The reason behind this is that such names work in two ways to demonstrate themselves. First, they will describe what they are and what they do. For instance, This domain name displays the purpose and the name simultaneously. It is a service which is loud and clear from its name. Be loud and clear in choosing your domain name as well.  

Look for names that display some of the attributes of your company. Sometimes, a one-word beguiling title may work magically, like healing, trustworthy, zippy, etc.

6. Use of Hyphens is not good: 

Use of the marks like hyphens will not work well for a domain name. In fact, it is never been an appreciable practice. On the contrary, it makes the domain name look spammy rather than original.

7. Do variation with a sensible combo

People try to merge a combination of two or more words for the domain name. it is a good thing to do. But remember that should make sense too. Word variants can be used in such a way that they should not confuse people. For instance, the use of singular and plural might be taken mistakenly. Hence, use a name that has the very least probability of being used with some changes by your competitors.

8. Using dot com

The use of the dot com in the domain name is the main version in the United States. If your domain name resembles someone’s with dot com extension and only .net or .org is available for you. Then it’s not necessary to cling to the same name unless it does not contain the main keyword in it. Leave it. Go for something else. But do remember that the majority of visitors prefer the dot com extension. I think how to choose a domain extension may not be a big problem for you now.

9. Country code domains

The country code top-level domains, long for ccTLDs, are those which are relevant to the specific countries. Domains like .uk, .ca are registered ccTLDs. So if you have clients in the United Kingdom, they are more likely to search the .uk version of the domain. The use of such domain names increases the tendency of conversions in the respective regions.

10. Beware of the copyright

Many domain names are registered already. As per present-day SEO rules, this may be a serious problem for your domain name. in older days, the spammers used some domain name for their purpose and then destroyed it.  If any business for instance used that name, it would have been very difficult for them to rank with that name. so, before you register your domain name, visit some websites that help to show the stats. Whether or not the domain name has already been registered or not. Try 

What to do? | how to choose the domain name

There is not an exhaustive list of the consideration for selecting the right domain name for your business website. You will find 100s of more in the list. Nevertheless, always remember that choosing the right domain name isn’t a simple thing, that can be overlooked. You sometimes find it difficult than ever to get the right domain name. The above-given tips may help to get more refined domain names for your business.


In conclusion, to get a perfect domain name, and to clear the concept of how to choose a domain name means to evaluate what name will add value to your domain name. To this point, I have jotted down some basic considerations that you ought to see when to go for the creation of the domain name.  

 Choosing a bad name for your online business may make you pay a heavy penalty in the form of customer diversion. So don’t take the risk, not even mistakenly. Choose wisely to play wisely. Use the above-mentioned way-outs to get the perfect domain name.

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