Making a profile on Fiverr is certainly not enough to get contacted by the clients. You need to promote your Fiverr gigs and create an efficient way to promote yourself. What do we need eagerly when we are done with creating an exceptional gig for services? We want to promote Fiverr gigs as much as possible. More reach means more exposure.

This is what this article is about. In order to get you the insights and all the corresponding information regarding how to promote Fiverr gigs, we will in detail explain what should you do step by step. So, buckle yourself and finish till the end to get new ideas.

Before telling you about the actual ways to promote Fiverr gigs, let’s have a swift review of the queries that will help you to clear the picture more.

How do I make a good Fiverr description?

Although, the internet is full of templates and samples that will give you the exact copies of what is written in Fiverr profile and its description. Nevertheless, some determined aspects stand the same for all types of gigs if you want to promote your gig to the maximum.  

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Writing a well-described Fiverr gig is a craft that needs your full attention in the first attempt. Making a catchy gig description isn’t a big deal. Here in this article, I will guide you in minimum points, to write a compelling Fiverr gig. 

1. Do good research for Fiverr gigs

If you are sure about your field to work in, do a little searching in that related field. Look for the gigs that are written by the top-sellers. This will help you to understand how to sell your gig properly. Do not copy. Since Fiverr does not approve copied material. After making compelling and complete research, search for the right keywords to promote your gig.

2. Right lot of keywords

SEO is your savior here. 2- 3 rightly chosen and used keywords are very essential. The correct choice of keywords can help to rank your Fiverr gig very effectively.

3. A catchy Intro for Fiverr gigs

You only have a limited character space to introduce yourself. This is approximately 1200 characters. All you need to do is to choose wisely what you want to include in your Fiverr gig introduction. With short, precise, and understandable sentences you can give the best of the intro of yourself and what you offer for the client. Since these few lines will be a hoarding board of your service shop so make it exposed enough so that it does not guide the clients to another way.

4. Show your skills

An experienced seller is of more trust to the clients than a novice. Therefore, show our experience in the related field. Try to convince the clients with the help of your skills. Provide them with the reason why you stand out in your related niche. Providing the best description of your skills is the best way to promote yourself on Fiverr.

5. USP

USP is an abbreviation for a unique selling point. In a loud point out the bullets, explain why should the client hire you. Provide him or her with the points that make you the correct choice for the client. Be loud and clear in your unique and outstanding pitch. 

6. Tell your requirements clearly

To have an order with 100% satisfaction and to save yourself from any inconvenience in the future, be clear in your requirements. State your pre-requisites clearly what you want from your client. Make it clear to the client what would be your requirements so as to avoid any miscommunication between you and your client.  

7. Provide them with a path to contact you

After providing them all the clear info. Make your clients feel free to contact you before placing the order. Make them feel at ease to connect you through Fiverr.  

What gigs sell best on Fiverr?

Although, there is a non-exhaustive list of the service that you can provide in your service shop. A Fiverr seller meets an endless pool of skill sets, that can help to make a platform for ever-growing business. However, since it is a digital era and further due to the pandemic big brands and businesses outsource high-quality services through various such platforms like Fiverr. Therefore, the most trending and best-selling gigs as of 2021 are:

  • Graphics designing
  • Content writing
  • Logo designing
  • Sales funnel creator
  • Virtual assistant
  • Language translator
  • Infographic designer and 
  • Website designer

What should I add to my Fiverr gig?

Remember, to promote the Fiverr gig you need to make it more compelling and attractive. The buyers on Fiverr have an open space to choose or refuse any seller. They are rich in choices. Therefore, your Fiverr gigs should create a strong impact on the buyers. First thing first, before starting to make a Fiverr gig start to think like a buyer. What things will you see in a Fiverr gig, if you want to search for services. The best practices that are applied by top-rated sellers are mentioned below for the big boost of your Fiverr gig. 

  • First in the list is to create a compelling title: the title of your service shop means a lot to the buyers. Make a powerful title. The use of adjectives in the title is a very good idea. Also, add some additional services and do not forget to mention the delivery time.
  • The second is selecting the subcategory and tags: In order to compete with the other service providers on fiverr, select your metatags and tags carefully. Because these will act as filters to search your Fiverr gig. Your selection of tags will certainly be one of the decisive factors to rank you on fiverr.  
  • The third is price packages: Fiverr provides you with 3 prices packages. You can set prices between $5 to $995 according to the work level and category of your Fiverr gig. If you are the beginner, then it is recommended to set your prices neither too high nor too low. 
  • Then is a persuasive gig description: This is a very critical point. Through this description, your Fiverr gig profile will leverage to the highest in competition. A good gig description needs some important aspects to be added to make it more attractive.  Brief detail about this has already been given in the previous section of this article.
  • The second last is enhancement through images: A single picture worth a thousand words. Adding visuals to your Fiverr gigs will help it to be more eloquent and elaborative. In addition, it will attract more and viewers and thus buyers to your Fiverr profile.
  • Last is to promote Fiverr gigs: expose your Fiverr gigs more. Get more reviews through your services. In the digital marketing arena, it’s all about promoting. The more you are visible the more you will earn. Worry not I have added very effective ways to promote your Fiverr gig in this article. 

How do you promote a Fiverr gig?

For maximum reach, there are two ways for Fiverr gig promotion. Paid and free.

PAID PROMOTION – Fiverr gigs:

This idea works very well for those who do not have enough time to wait for conventional methods of promotion (unpaid ones). There are Fiverr service providers who will promote your gigs.

You do not have to do anything other than hiring a promotional proficient. These professionals, in addition, promote your gigs in various ways. Adding a link to the relevant niche article for instance. Therefore, from a basic fee of $5 to $30, these service providers will improve the visibility of your gig up to standards.  


How to promote Fiverr gigs should not be an issue if you have free promotional methods as an idea to generate more traffic to your service shop.

5 such active methods are included here which can help to promote Fiverr gigs in no time:

  1. BY DINT OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is very powerful when it comes to making anything visible. Once promoted the campaign will spread like wildfire to the masses. Such social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. there are plenty of groups available on these platforms that can share your link. If this doesn’t suit you, running paid ads on Facebook, for instance, might increase the sales and impressions on your gigs. Work with the idea that suits you more.
  2. WORK WITH YOUTUBE: super easy and effective. To promote Fiverr gigs just create a related video and publish it on your channel. Make a creative video with a catchy title and add your gig link in the video description. And you are done. These days, it is very easy to get an audience through YouTube. Most probably, because almost every smartphone user has access to YouTube and has been utilizing YouTube. 
  3. TAKE HELP FROM QUORA and YAHOO ANSWERS: Quora other than answering your question is a very suitable platform for marketing. That you can do too. Answering the question related to your niche you can mention the link in the reply. Since the majority of people look for answers through Quora, this also increases the chance of getting more clients. Similarly, Yahoo answers can be a helpful tool for the subtle promotion of Fiverr gigs.  
  4. THROUGH ASSOCIATED FORUMS: Similar to the Q&A platforms various forums can be used just to promote the links of Fiverr gigs. Reddit, stack overflow, etc. Although it is the oldest way. But the chat websites and forums are very quick to find the niche-related community.

Ranking and increasing rating can be actively done through these forums.

Is Fiverr profitable?

There is no second thought to this question. Yes, Fiverr is profitable. Earning at least $5 from every gig that you project isn’t bad at all. The more you dedicate your time to Fiverr the more will you learn and explore different ways to increase your earnings. Your level of work and client’s level of satisfaction will no doubt prove that Fiverr is one of the best platforms to earn online. However, in order to promote the Fiverr gigs, you should know the tactics. Most of these have been described in this very article. 

Conclusive note:

Fiverr was an easy-to-get client market in the past years. However, with everyone going online, especially, the businesses, Fiverr have increased its worth and it is not an easy task to make your name on Fiverr in a day. Results of working on Fiverr may vary from effort to effort. But for all and above all, promotion is something that everyone needs to do. Either paid or free, marketing of the Fiverr gigs need to talk about at the edge. The only thing that can be the cherry on the top to promote your Fiverr gig, would be a constant struggle, motivation, and never to lose hope. It would be difficult at times when after doing all the gigs, you might not get contacted by the client. Do not lose faith in such a situation and keep on trying hard. One day, success will be at your service. 

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