Hi there! skiver! It’s OK to call yourself lazy if you are being productive socially. If you are making a good amount whilst selling through social media channels then it’s fine as long as you not get sick of sitting around. 

So, you might be wondering What is social selling?

This question is heard very often nowadays. But this is a more familiar question for those who have some knowledge of social media. Even for the newbies, the vague idea that emerges is an act of selling something on social media. 

That is true. But, remember that it isn’t the same thing as social media marketing.

To learn how to do social selling and how to build it as a routine in the business, let us start from understanding the basic concept behind i.e., what is social selling.

So, let us begin!

What is social selling?

Social selling is nothing more than a concept of using social media in such a way, that finding the targeted audience and connect to them to sell and enhance the reputation of the company.

In this digital era, social selling is a modern technique to develop relationships with loyal customers. 

Where you first create a healthy prospect for the customers, to follow. Then provide them with a track to buy your products and use your services. 

The basics of social selling are the social media platforms like the Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or any other professional account. These accounts can be used in versatile ways to describe the companies extend to reach for the sales, at best.  

How can social selling help to grow your business?

To get an insight into how to do social selling, it is very important to know, how much profit does it provide to the businesses. 

Research says that, for every single dollar invested in any business, the ROI is $5 when the sales are done through social selling.

In addition to this, it is said that there are 45% of more opportunities available to the sales representatives through social media, as compared to the routine methods.

Also, on annual basis, an achievement of 16% gain in revenue is seen for the companies who utilize social media for the purpose of the sale.

Extra benefits of social selling include a visible increase in the number of leads, more conversion rate, and short sales cycles.

How to start social selling?

The first step in social selling is choosing the right network. It is through these networks that companies create strong and long-lasting relationships with the customers. Loyal customers mean more leads. Let us learn these 7 ways with which you can start social selling to elevate the company’s profit graph to the maximum point.

  • Pick the most relevant social networking site: The best practice is to look for those platforms that are most relevant to the customers.

Choice of the same social platform will make it easier to look for clients of the same concern. Moreover, it is very easy to get absorbed by the succeeding social platform.  

For instance, if you are selling something that has to deal with teenagers, then Facebook and Instagram are the best options to work with. And for more professional decision-makers platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter will do, to attract the targeted clients.

  • Survey and trail the right users: To build a strong network, it is very important to have information about the right users of social media. Many tools will help you to quickly find the top-rated users. Hence, instead of going to users one by one and then sending them the requests to follow, you can follow multiple users of the same category. This will save time.
  •  Follow companies: If you are starting from scratch, look for high-profile companies. Companies that have accounts on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter keep their updated company news to aware people about what is going on.
  • Get notified: With professional platforms like LinkedIn, you can easily get notifications and alerts about the news and relevant connections. Using the tabs to search the likewise connections will also help to increase the network. These notification alerts will let you know whenever your company is being searched or is mentioned in any social media outlet.  
  • Join in the groups: the social media platforms give you plenty of opportunities like referrals and other opportunities. These can be easily accessed by joining in some groups of the same expertise. To mingle with people of the same jobs, to sell is a very effective way to increase the sale and improve the knowledge about the locality of the potential customers. 
  • Send out the invitations: once when you start to contribute in the groups, you will get noticed by people. Start sending the invitations to those people who are noticing you. This is a great way to start the conversation and thus showing potential customers about your area of interest.
  • Talk about your brands: adding value to your brands will increase the sale’s percentage. How? It is proved through constant research study that almost 75% of the buyers show their confidence in the sales representatives, who add in value during the buying process. Find the conversations that talk about the same topic and there you can talk about your product. Giving suggestions, comments and liking the posts is an excellent way to enhance the network.

Social selling is a very vital tool that talks everything about salespeople and sales, and how to add them to your list.

Even though, with the amazing benefits that social selling provides to the businesses, yet for some businesses, this concept is still untapped. To stay ahead of the competitor and remain prominent in today’s world of business, you need to set a solid social selling routine.

Some of the tips that may be helpful are contributed here:

1. Project best of the content

The beginning of every social media platform is through the content. The digital marketing world uplift those individuals who provide great content. Writing down engaging content of course observed by SEO rules will provide a way to educate the prospects. Make a routine to write for at least 10-20 minutes daily. A fresh and brainstorming content will keep your customers in touch with you.

2. Publish widely

The written content is of no use if it isn’t available to the viewers. The digital world has made it extremely easy to reach out to thousands of viewers and readers. You just need to spend a couple of minutes to target sites. Many scheduling and automation tools will make it even more convenient to share and publish the content.

3. Increase the impact by sell-through promotion

The methods of selling the products and services have changed radically. And the impact is also visible on the graphs of companies. Talking about the brands makes it easier to sell the most exclusive offers to the most valuable customers. Talking about the personalized offers and pitching in the relevant stories will attract the clients to learn more about you.


In conclusion, social selling is the staple of today’s modern sales strategy. To get the most out of it, you need to incorporate it into your daily routine by simple tricks that I have mentioned in the aforementioned passage.

How to do social selling and how to increase the leads is not a topic of worry, if you recognize how to engage with the audience of your type and choice. How to do social selling and to comprehend the notion behind is simple, that is to leverage and use the power and admiration that one can get through social media platforms.

Thanks For Reading

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