Twitter Allows Users To Monetize Tweets with Super-Follow


Twitter has made an announcement that they are going to introduce a paid feature forthcoming that will allow users to monetize Twitter account. Now, users can monetize tweets and generate revenue with Super Follow.

Twitter releases a teaser of its upcoming new feature called Super Follow that will provide users a monthly income in exchange for premium content. 

Twitter also shows several new features along with a new feature that looks like a Facebook group to some extent where they can share their content and monetize tweets. 

In addition to attracting investors to the event, Twitter stopped the day by revealing its initial three long-term goals.

Monetize Tweets With Super Follow

Twitter’s new feature Super Follow lets users monetize tweets and earn healthy income monthly. 

Besides, users can also receive perks through Twitter monetization by Super Follow their favorite content creators. Receiving perks include:

  • A supporter badge
  • Subscriber-only newsletters
  • Exclusive content
  • Deals & discounts
  • Community access

Super Follow is the first paid feature Twitter has introduced to users and a first in terms of Twitter users getting paid directly by their followers. 

The popular content creator can generate revenue soon from their tweets and premium content they contribute to the platforms. Moreover, Super Follows can also be valuable for reporters, journalists, and writers when they monetize Twitter account.

Twitter Communities

Twitter took an initial look at an upcoming feature that appears not much different from Facebook Groups. 

The screenshots taken by the people who attend virtual event shows that Communities allow Twitter users to join a discussion regarding centralized topics. 

While composing a tweet, there will an option available for the users to share tweets in one of several communities they belong to.

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