6 Free Traffic Sources for Your Affiliate Links


In this article you’ll learn how to get free traffic for affiliate marketing .

Generating organic traffic for your affiliate links is an easy task to achieve. The only thing that required is patience. There are many free traffic sources, which can readily generate free-of-cost traffic for your affiliate links.

The Internet provides you with an unexhaustive list of traffic sources that can help you to gain more free traffic for your website.  For instance, if we talk about affiliate marketing, then everything is said to be done on the marketer side. Whatever services he wants to provide will be launched in the market.

All that extremely needed is to promote the product. This promotion takes place via traffic. The more traffic comes to the site, and the more your product will be visible to the masses.

Exploring several methods of generating free traffic ( sources ), this article will help to comprehend the basic related questions, and corresponding will tell you about 6 free traffic sources.

How do affiliate marketers get traffic?

Driving high-quality free organic traffic is the point of concern of all affiliate marketers. To convert the visits into sales, you need to divert a healthy portion of traffic to your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketers use different techniques to bring in traffic, like being active on social media, doing guest posting, etc.

Studies show that the three most favorite ways that affiliate marketers use to grow their site are pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, link advertising, article advertising, and social media.

How do you use affiliate links?

The use of affiliate links can benefit you to drive traffic. To generate views from free traffic sources, the marketer needs to create engaging content foremost.

But just making amazing content would not help until a few other things are not taken into thought.

Link placement, for instance, there is no point in placing your affiliate link at the end of the page because that is the place where people hardly go. So, place your link at an easily visible position on the page.

The second is the context. Your content should be in context with the title. And lastly, adding a call-out on the web page, which will further facilitate the visitors to come and stay on the site.

How do I get more traffic to my affiliate links?

For a critical thinker affiliate marketer, 10 such visitors are well-meant who come and buy than those 100 visitors who just come to visit the page. To get more traffic on your affiliate link, you can apply any of these four proven techniques:

  • Paid advertising
  • Social media
  • Through sharing product reviews
  • Online forums and groups

What are 6 free traffic sources for affiliate links?

Let us now focus on 6 free traffic sources that are considered to be the best traffic sources to drive a bulk number of visitors over your website and elevate your business growth.


Perhaps the most crucial and basic element of all is SEO (search engine optimization). Your website is the face of your company and the brands that you sell. The web pages are used to present the affiliate links of the services. Therefore, these need to be revealed swiftly to interested customers.

The first and foremost type of free traffic sources is through the SEO of a webpage. Creating such optimized content that can be easily discovered by the search engines is a factor that will help not only to make the webpage visible but also will rank it higher on the SERPs. Some key points are integrated into the content while developing it.

For instance, a well-written meta-description, meta title, alt tags in images, and heading tags can help to quickly make your site visible on SERP.

Why you will need

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In addition to this, significant research on your niche and related keywords also add to the optimization. Also, a little work on backlinking the content with some other blogs and sites may be done to achieve SEO.

Doing the on-page and off-page SEO is the freest way of diverting traffic.

Guest posting:

Every day a huge bundle of content is written and published. Taking advantage of this chance, you can drive in free traffic to your site.

Guest posting is a way of working together with other content creators who have written on the same niche as yours. Till this point, our primary concern as an affiliate marketer is targeting the right audience.

This free traffic source is not only effective but is a win-win situation for both parties. Once the connections are made, this guest posting becomes a natural thing to drive in the visitors.


The most preferred source of traffic for those affiliate marketers who are on a tight budget. A no-cost, no investment source to generate organic traffic, YouTubing provides you with the great opportunity to connect with your desired community.

Specifically, acclaimed by affiliate marketers here, they get the opportunity to showcase their products and services and take their audience to their websites.

Start YouTube channel


A picture says a lot more than words can express. Posting an image on Pinterest and sharing it is a unique way to promote yourself.

Being the third-largest social networking site, Pinterest is much more than an image portfolio for the affiliate marketers to draw in the visitors. Almost 80-90% of the traffic is generated through Pinterest for the majority of websites.

Email marketing

The most trustworthy and reliable method of marketing is through email. Practically,64% of companies believe that this technique of free traffic source has increased their ROI.

Sharing various offers, reports, and relevant content is a very appropriate way to attract a targeted audience.

The Affiliate links can be merged in a very fine way with the emails. This increases the possibility of reaching the targeted audience and promote your brand.

Start Email Marketing


Quora is a question-answer platform where people discuss various topics and answer queries. It is a community platform where everyone contributes.

Although Quora is one of the free traffic sources, the affiliates are restricted to do direct linking, but they are allowed to share a website link or a blog. The website that is shared on Quora has the affiliate link that needs to be promoted. The trick that works on Quora is to give engaging and interesting answers so that the outreach can increase.


To recapitulate, there are plenty of best traffic sources to generate organic traffic through paid or free methods. Depending upon the preferences opted by your company, you can select anyone. There is no need to plan a huge budget as an affiliate marketer. Just keep the consistency, and you can attract your targeted audience without putting in a lot of effort.  

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