Apple iPhone 13 Might Support Reverse Wireless Charging Feature


Last year, the launch of the iPhone 12, with the integration of Magsify Charging, was the most significant change in Apple’s accessory ecosystem since the emergence of wireless charging in 2018. It seemed that this innovation was just the beginning of something big. As we expected, now we can see iPhone 13 wireless charging and reverse wireless charging feature.

iPhone 13 wireless charging & Reverse charging feature: The launch of the iPhone 13 is still a few months away but expectations with the iPhone 13 lineup are to offer a large charging coil as compared to the iPhone 12. Apple is planned to do some up-gradation in its upcoming iPhone lineup MagSafe charging capabilities to make room for reverse wireless charging features. 

Wireless Charging and Its Advantages

Following the most recent rumor from Max Weinbachm, Apple’s iPhone 13 may feature a bigger wireless coil as compared to the iPhone 12 family. This innovation may cause an increase in the circumference in order to charge the iPhone wirelessly leaving the advantages like increased wattage. 

Weinbach goes on speculating the debut of the feature, a reverse wireless charging that was expected to be seen itself with the iPhone 12. iPhone’s new innovation demonstrates that it would be capable of exciting the battery of other wireless charging capable devices including AirPods or the Apple Watch. This can be done by simply placing the wireless-capable devices onto the back of the next iPhone. 

If you intend to travel with minimum luggage and avoid carrying a chunky power bank, you could get help with this little feature for juicing up the battery of a secondary device.  

Does the iPhone 12 have wireless charging?

Late last year, FCC filing from Apple disclosed that iPhone 12 may already have a hidden wireless charging feature in its hardware but it hasn’t been activated yet. 

Until today, it is not clear when or if this feature will be working in an iPhone 12 or Apple will restore it for the upcoming iPhone 13. 

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