EU wants Emergency team for Large Scale cyber attacks


The European Commission has made an announcement that they are planning to build a Joint Cyber Unit with the ability to tackle large scale cyber attacks. 

The recent ransomware incident on critical service in Ireland and the US has a ‘focused mind’, the commission said. 

European Commission argued that cyber attacks are a threat to national security, simultaneously the incident in Europe rose from 432 in 2019 to 756 in 2020. 

 A dedicated team of multi-national cyber experts will be ready to encounter any large scale cyber attacks and immediately deployed them in European countries during serious attacks, it said.

 European Commission vice president launched the proposals and said last month’s hack on US fuel supplies was ‘the “nightmare scenario that we have to prepare against”.

Last month, From Darkside which is a cyber-criminal gange, forced the Colonial Fuel pipeline offline for nearly a week, causing panic buying and fuel storages. 

Cyber-criminal gangs use malicious software for a ransomware attack to take company data under possession and induce victims to provide money to return services back to normal. 

 The US government launched the ransomware task force, which the UK national cybersecurity center called the ransomware attack the biggest threat to the UK government. 

 The European Commission called the ransomware attack the national security threat, just like an ongoing ransomware attack on Ireland’s health service is another sign of threat to national security. 

The ransomware group called Conti hit the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland, causing major disruption to many hospitals. 

The rapid reaction of the Joint Cyber Unit’s teams could have helped Ireland recover to recover damages. 

He said the unit would help in similar scenarios by “deploying very quickly a dedicated team which we don’t have the capacity to do now. We know that the longer you wait the worse it is, so faster and more solidarity is what you can expect”.

Mr. Breton insisted on the launch of new because arguing, it will not compete with national cyber-entities or duplicate work. 

But he assured to build a team that can provide support virtually and physically, using resources “from one country to another” to deliver operational and technical assistance. 

Joint Cyber Unit aims to be operational by June next year, and that it will be fully functional one year later, by 30 June 2023. 

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