Google launches New Al tool to identify skin Problems


Google announces a new tool having AI artificial intelligence that will be able to identify skin problems, hair, and nail condition, based on images uploaded by patients. 

This innovative tool “dermatology assist tool” unveiled at the tech giant’s annual developer conference, Google IO, and will be launched within the year, it said. 

The CE mark has been given to the app as a reward for use as a medical tool in Europe. 

Al advances could provide a more tailored experience to the doctors in the treatment of their patients, said the cancer experts.   

Google AI artificial intelligence tool can identify 288 skin conditions but this medical tool can diagnose or treat skin problems, the firm said. 

Three years are spent on the development of this tool and has been trained on a dataset of 65,000 images of diagnosed conditions. Besides there are millions of images include showing marks people were concerned about and thousands of pictures of healthy skin in all shades and tone. 

Despite using the images, Google AI artificial intelligence tool also requires patients to collaborate and answer a series of questions online. 

This innovation is based on a previous tool developed by Google for learning to detect cancer and tuberculosis symptoms.  

There are over 10 billion searches for skin, hair, and nail issues on the search engine every year, said Google. 

Food & Drug Approval

Food and Drug Administration has not yet given clearance to the Dermatology Assist for use in the US, but FDA recently approved a similar machine-learning model built by a British firm Optellum to use as an assistant in the diagnosis of lung cancer. 

Professor Tim Underwood said such tools are capable of providing more appropriate treatments to patients and help to identify skin problems more closely. 

“The application of AI, both in cancer and in other areas of medicine, informs the conversation around what the diagnosis might be and what treatment to offer to an individual,” he said.

This AI tool is not the first developed in the medical field, but putting the tool in the hands of the public is significant rather than doctors. 

The doctors and developers involved told that AI has been optimized to avoid missing “alarming or scary” conditions such as skin cancer. The flip side is some people will be advised to check out something that will turn out to be benign.

Google announces that this medical tool will be launched later this year and patients can detect their skin problems on their own with the help of this tool shortly.

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